discussion from the Chowhound General Discussion, Puff Pastry Dough food community. Get daily tips and expert advice to help you take your cooking skills to the next level. 2. If you have purchased frozen phyllo dough for your recipe, there are some crucial steps to take to make sure your dough works with you, and not against you, during the preparation of your dish. Either way, working with the delicate and paper-thin sheets of phyllo dough can be tricky. Filo Pastry. Phyllo pastry was introduced to Europe by the Turks, who made it as far as the gates of Vienna before their armies were turned back for good. Take one sheet of filo and fold in half length-ways. Frozen Filo Pastry Sheets Jus-Rol’s ready rolled Filo Pastry Sheets are ideal for creating delicious dinners and indulging desserts without the hassle of making your own filo pastry. If you have purchased fresh phyllo, on the other hand, you are ready to go. To knead, pick up a third of the dough ball and fold it to the top of the dough. Ideal for sweet and savoury dishes, use in strudel, baklava and spanakopita, formed into cases and much more. Fresh phyllo can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks if kept tightly wrapped or in its original packaging. It dries out very quickly. A Beginner's Guide to Making Phyllo Pastries & Pies, How to Roll Out Phyllo Dough with a Rolling Pin, How to Use Phyllo Dough in Low Fat Baking and Cooking. Unroll the filo pastry pack. Layering several sheets of pastry will make your finished dish sturdier. Watch the Good Food cookery team show you how to get the best out of filo pastry, a crisp, paper-thin pastry that's great for sweet and savoury dishes. If you are in mid-recipe and come across a tear, simply put another sheet over your damaged one. Then place the 4 sheets … You can peel them all out and freeze them individually. Keep frozen at or below -18°C. Magazine subscription – save 44% and get a cookbook of your choice. Keep fillo pastry under a clean dry tea towel to prevent drying out until ready to use. Then, use the heel of your hand to press this fold down into the center of the dough. Remove sheets as you need them, keeping unused sheets covered with cling film or a damp tea towel. Easy . Prepare ahead and freeze this rich filo pastry pud, then cook from frozen for the perfect fuss-free seasonal dessert 1 hr and 10 mins . Place one tablespoon of fruit near the bottom of the pastry. Layering several sheets of pastry will make your finished dish sturdier. 1. Beer 52 exclusive offer: Get a free case of craft beer worth £24. The paper thin translucent filo layers are perfect for creating delicate tartlets, crispy pie toppings and baklava. More often than not, pre-packaged phyllo dough is available frozen rather than fresh for better preservation. When practising this technique it is necessary to cover the unused filo sheets with a damp cloth. Use for making samosas, parcels, streusels and lining tart tins. Pampas Expert Hints & Tips. 1. Read the How long does frozen puff pastry or filo dough last? So you have a traditional Baklava recipe in one hand and a package of phyllo dough in the other. You have to work quickly with filo pastry otherwise it dries out – it’s best to keep it in the plastic wrapping or cover it with a damp cloth while you’re working with it. Fresh phyllo can be kept in the refrigerator for up to two weeks if kept tightly wrapped or in its original packaging. Today’s post for homemade Phyllo Cups is not really a recipe, it’s more like an introduction to next week’s recipe. Rotate the ball a quarter turn … Remove the puff pastry from the freezer and set it in the fridge to thaw overnight, or for at least 3-4 hours. Phyllo dough can also be frozen (or re-frozen in the case of thawed phyllo) for 2 to 4 months.Â. Filo can be quite hard to work with, as it can tear easily or become dry. Use for making samosas, parcels, streusels and lining tart tins. Filled phyllo pastry can be frozen for up to one month, depending on the filling. Use scissors if you must cut a sheet of dough for a recipe. A restaurateur and food writer, Saad Fayed has published hundreds of recipes and articles about Middle Eastern cuisine. How to Use Puff Pastry: Tips, Recipes and More | Epicurious Though frozen phyllo dough is more readily available in most major supermarkets, you can find fresh phyllo in some specialty stores or international supermarkets, particularly those that specialize in Middle Eastern or Greek food. Defrosting Phyllo Pastry • Start the defrosting process 24 hours before you want to work with the phyllo. 4. Alternatively thaw overnight in a refrigerator and stand at room temperature for 10-15 minutes before use. Take each individual sheet of filo pastry and crumple it into a loose ball. Preparation Ensure pastry is thoroughly defrosted before use. You will have to give yourself some time to prepare since frozen phyllo takes about 24 hours to properly defrost: If you do find your phyllo sheets are still cracking or tearing, you can trim the sheet to remove the tear. Remove sheets as you need them, keeping unused sheets covered with cling film or a damp tea towel. Freeze baked and cooled phyllo shapes, wrapped in an airtight container, for up to a month or until ready to use. Caramelised apple with filo crisps and date and apple purée; Sausage, cider and apple filo rolls with mustard mayonnaise; How to use up leftover filo pastry. Filo-topped pot pie Instead of covering a pie with shortcrust pastry, brush filo sheets with melted butter, then scrunch a … Repeat with further two squares so all corners are offset. Do not thaw filled … Keeping all other filo squares covered with cling film to prevent them drying out, lay one square onto work top and brush lightly with melted butter. It can also easily be frozen for 2 – 4 months. Lightly brush on some oil around all the edges. Subscription offer: save 44% and receive a brand-new cookbook. Their influence is seen in the much-loved strudels of Austria and Hungary, which are wrapped in dough made by a similar technique. Brush lightly with butter. Filo or phyllo pastry is a paper-thin pastry that is common in Greek, Middle Eastern and Balkan cooking. This product is proudly made in Australia from local and imported ingredients. What next? Place 1 1/2-2 tbsp of filling in the lower left corner of the filo rectangle, following the left edge of the filo … If you have the choice at your supermarket, choose a thicker phyllo dough if you are inexperienced working with it. Strengthen the delicate sheets by using several layers together. Filo Pastry contains virtually no fat but a light brushing of melted butter, ghee or oil imparts a sheen to the baked recipe and adds to the eating qualities. Filo is often filled in some way, such as the classic dishes of baklava and börek. Phyllo dough can also be This is a great way to use up some of the fruits you might have on hand that are starting to wrinkle or become too soft. Transfer the contents of the casserole to a pie dish. The problem with filo pastry is that they are fragile if you leave them out in the open. 2. • Keeping it in its original packaging, take the … Brush each sheet with melted butter and layer up according to the recipe. It is usually sold in pre-made sheets in flat squares or rolls. Take out the pastry and fruit from the freezer the night before and leave to defrost in the fridge. Join the discussion today. Set the frozen dough in the fridge before leaving for work to ensure it's ready when you need it. Pre-heat the oven to 180. To bind the filo sheet together, melted butter is commonly used, but flavourless oil can be a substitue, but remember to brush each sheet liberally with butter to make it easy to shape. Once defrosted and ready to go, you have to move fast, as phyllo dough dries out very quickly. Filo dries out quickly – keep any pastry you’re not using completely covered. Use a pastry brush to paint a thin layer of melted butter or oil onto the surface of the double layer filo rectangle. Phyllo can remain in the fridge for 2 weeks after purchase. Brush each sheet with melted butter and layer up according to the recipe. Cover the unrolled phyllo with a sheet of waxed paper covered by a damp towel to keep it moist. If you have purchased fresh phyllo, on the other hand, you are ready to go. Paper-thin translucent sheets of filo pastry are sold ready-made in rolled layers, either chilled or frozen. Thicker dough will prevent tearing and make it easier to work with. Place in a preheated oven of 180°C and reheat. If you’re in a hurry, thaw the puff pastry dough by setting it on the countertop at room temperature for 30-40 minutes. They harden and become brittle.. and it's wasted. Place the puff pastry in the fridge to thaw completely before using it. Bring the packaged phyllo to room temperature before opening and using. Once baked, it really won't be noticeable. Take one sheet of pastry and brush generously all over with some melted butter. I figured it would be worth writing a specific post on how to make Phyllo Cups because you can use these crispy pastry shells for pretty much anything. 15 ratings 4.9 out of 5 star rating. When you use the pastry, you join layers by brushing each layer with butter or oil. 2. Remove the thawed phyllo from the package and unroll the sheets. JUS-ROL™ Filo Pastry may be used for wrapping or topping fillings, formed into cases and much more. Instead of a traditional pie crust, this easy and delicious apple pie is prepared with ready-made filo pastry. This also helps it become crisp as it cooks. Filo-topped fish pie. Fish pie doesn't have to mean heavy mashed potato. 1 hour 40 minutes. To make a filo pie, carefully unroll filo pastry. Made to a traditional European recipe! Below are some tips for working with phyllo dough to make your favorite Middle Eastern desserts. Top with a second square, offset to allow corners to show. Borg's filo pastry, delicate, light, crisp and easy to use and versatile for many occasions. Remove from outer carton and thaw in clear wrap for approx. Use a pastry brush and brush the sheets very lightly before using each one in the recipe. Unroll the filo pastry pack.
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