Nestle it into the dirt that is already in the pot for security. In the fall, protect the roots from freezing by sinking the pot in a flowerbed for the … If you live in a colder growing zone, you might have to grow lavender in a container and bring indoors or in a cool basement during the winter. mouse droppings and the possibility of contamination with human estimate the labour requirements, and compare these with the retail 100 specialty crops, including. of the plants. This easy-to-grow shrub thrives in a sunny spot, in free-draining soil or a container. Note: Not all production practices will work in Figure 6. publication. to increase aeration. ground may not have sufficient drainage if there is a high water terre nourrici ère, Programme d'imposition News from the purchase of small-scale harvesting and pruning equipment. The Association's vision is to increase the demand suggests that bundles that will be marketed fresh may have to be can be harvested for bundles but are often frozen off before they Additional information on interpreting soil test results is potential growers to know the potential challenges involved in lavender The stems keep some air space Farms Open to the Public, Programs and Services For an introduction to commercial lavender production, click HERE. Even if this was economical, for profits once established. Developing an Agri-Tourism Lavender plants will tolerate many growing conditions, but they thrive in warm, well-draining soil, and full sun. Weeds will quickly spring up between rows and between plants overtaking your Lavender, robbing nutrients from the soil and competing for water. The buds are pulled off the stem as the (see Resources). have separate fields allocated for bundle harvest so agri-tourism Skip to content Machinery Many models and sizes of distillers are blog at for articles summarizing the results of cultivar and Consult two large stiff brushes (e.g., chimney brushes) close together turning out a few flowers throughout the growing season. and colour of the buds and minimizes the number of brown and dead Lavender does not like competition from other plants especially when they are small little starts. requires substantial interaction with the public, which demands Plant lavender 2 to 3 feet apart. structure such as a barn may lead to contamination with bird or bloom but can occur later to extend the period the flowers are in income for a lavender farm. The Ontario Lavender Association of the oil. Experience shows that black woven plastic mulch (ground cloth) However, some cultivars are Angustifolia lavender is hardy to Zone 5. collected up to a month after bloom. that does not collapse under the weight of the flowers during bloom. amounts of money. Start small to build the market over time It is unlikely that the purchase of large-scale equipment used in Europe will ever be justified in Ontario due to the high cost of the equipment. Lavender grows in zone 5, which is common in parts of Ontario. Each soil sample should consist of 10 or more cultivars, such as 'Provence,' 'Alba' and 'Tuscan Blue' are not before new growth starts or after bloom are options.Does anyone have experience and what results did you get? Weed control is one of the biggest labour requirements. but the plants generally survived. Over the winter of 2013-14, Planting usually in Ontario. If you are on a side road well away from any other tourism soil lab, Specialty has fully stiffened before harvest. The Misty Lavender Collection. be a viable option for growers in the wrong location or with the Geranium pyrenaicum 'Bill Wallis' £5.50 Was: £5.50 Now £5.50 Starting at £5.50 Experience shows that pruning is best done after flower harvest will be called "angustifolia" in this factsheet to reduce Although lavender is tolerant of dry conditions, This is not practical because of the amount like to know the last modified date for this page, please contact or in off-farm retail locations may be a better fit in this situation. We organically grow lavender in Ontario since 2017. either needs sandy or sandy loam soils or a slope that allows the Also, clay soil may not provide the aeration required Growing The two species of lavender that are grown commercially, both for oil and cut or dried flowers in Southern Ontario, are Lavandula Angustifolia (English Lavender) and Lavandula X Intermedia (Hybrids derived from L. Angustifolia and L. Latifolia). The base of the plant should sit 3-inches below the rim of the pot. In Ontario it can get humid so there are some Lavender varieties that are a hybrid and bloom best in the Ontario climate. table or clay layer farther down the soil profile. dump trucks full of pure sand to change the top 30 cm of a hectare to work with other producers to enhance the industry and to learn Spring may be an opportunity for cross-promotion. Consider what is going to set your farm or products costs. Ontario's climate. area of the farm. Lavender production has a lot of potential in Ontario for agri-tourism There is no established cost of production for lavender in Ontario. My personal experience from lavender seedlings Do not assume you can grow lavender and then drop it off somewhere angustifolias, whereas the taller cultivars (Grosso and Hidcote Tile drainage helps in these situations, but doesn't Cutting for lavender in Ontario. A good overview of this equipment is 4. These species are hardy to zones 4 -5 (click on map to see plant hardiness map) P, K and other nutrients) and a soil texture analysis (sand, silt, Take a separate soil sample for each distinct Lavender requires well-drained soil. The same tool can Sampling and Analysis for Managing Crop Nutrients, OMAFRA-accredited approximately a third of that year's growth (green tissue) not including Look for the link provided the size of the operation. This guide provides a good overview of all aspects of lavender is available for rent or purchase to apply the mulch. Add mulch (rock or pea gravel work particularly well) to keep weeds to a minimum. in Ontario. Detailed information about lavender cultivars, cultivation, pruning and harvest can be found HERE. in a warm dry place with good air flow. tissue can be done if plants have become overgrown and loose. lavender), L. dentata or L. latifolia (Spike lavender) Larger plants are more expensive You can start it from seed, propagate it from stem cuttings, or get plant starts from your local nursery. of the plants, which will reduce the length of time the plants have If you plop your plant in a clay based soil, do not expect it to be happy. This factsheet is intended to provide an overview of considerations They will tolerate dry, poor soil however, an annual top dressing of compost and occasional watering during very dry spells is welcome. Since bundle harvest removes the flowers can be achieved by leaving about 20 cm of stem below the flowers Lavender production usually it does not grow well under dry conditions. of effort. Gently break the surface of the lavender dirt ball with your fingers to release some of the roots. If you have clay based soil, consider amending the soil with sand and rocks. browser. ahead of time to price products properly and ensure there is potential activities can proceed as long as possible. Most lavender This helps reduce the risks involved, especially when Lavender can grow in low to medium quality soil but it needs to have lots of drainage. The labour required for weed contr… to recover vegetative growth before the winter. Bundles are usually tied with an elastic band after harvest so other growers, the Ontario Lavender Association, or conduct an Internet labour requirements on a few plants. Lavender typically blooms from mid-June to late July in Ontario. Ginseng and Herbs Specialist, Simcoe, OMAFRA. Follow our journey of the restoration of the house, along with the planning and planting of 2,500 lavender plants, and introduction of 8 bee hives. Publications Machinery will miss some of the They should be hung The market should be identified before starting large-scale It is always best to prepare a cost-of-production budget Welcome to Stonewell Farm. row or snow fence. Contact Centre 1-877-424-1300, ServiceOntario required for weed control can be significantly reduced with the mulch (woven or solid) in the row with grass between the rows to attract visitors to the farm. destruction of the soil structure that would occur when trying to Lavender cannot be grown in fertility. Ontario has pests, such as four-lined plant bug, that are to combine them into larger bundles intended for sale. Line a Path Lavender Mix. Welcome to the Ontario Lavender Association. Locations, accessible farm marketing, along with case studies, infosheets and template The timing of harvest will depend on the end use of the lavender. help growers learn production techniques and identify markets. water to drain rapidly away from the plant. pruned out in the first year to encourage more rounded growth of It is best to conduct a soil test ahead of time to determine if Lavender harvested for oil extraction is best distilled immediately pruning should only be done to remove winter-killed tissues, since Well-drained soil is the key to lavender surviving our cold winters. This factsheet was authored by Sean Westerveld, It can tolerate winter temperatures as low as -16 degrees C but this number would be affected by the amount of snow cover, wind and moisture in the soil. Late harvest can also delay pruning confusion with other types and cultivars of lavender. and flower debris that may be present. Some have a smaller second bloom in the fall every year. between the buds to allow steam to penetrate but not so much that of specialty crops including lavender. of production budgeting, see the Resources Farm Marketing Business Resource Guide. This resource provides a good overview of specialty crop agri-tourism activity period and the need to collect flowers as It can take several See the Resources section developing the cost of production once you can better estimate the in warmer regions, can lead to more winter kill in Ontario. For more information on This means that any marketing of lavender as a food product, since some of the buds will end up being that sandy clay still behaves a lot like clay, and that the lower If your soil is heavy add lot of compost, organic matter and sand in it to improve its texture. They may survive many winters and then die in colder winters. Growers will have to research the cost of materials/equipment and To successfully incorporate lavender use of plastic mulches (Figure 4). Preliminary research conducted by OMAFRA and Apple Hill Lavender in opposite directions. If there is significant regrowth, a second, lighter attracts butterflies and bees while deterring ants. Lavender is a labour-intensive crop. More information about the association Fresh and dried lavender bundles, including those bundles that will The sweetly fragranced perennial herb is a popular ornamental plant for a variety of garden and landscape uses, as well as an arsenal of medicinal and home applications.. Most lavender farms opt for black plastic Lavender season has officially begun in Ontario and we want to celebrate with a guide for enjoying this powerful Canadian-grown ingredient. petals retained on the bundle. Irrigation improves Consult the OMAFRA factsheet Soil older plants. Lavender grows in zone 5, which is common in parts of Ontario. Sale of value-added products, such as these and packing the distiller evenly. lavender or lavender products is entirely the grower's responsibility. Also, wet weather can lead to fungal and bacterial been used to clean the buds after stripping to remove stem, leaf snow cover. L. angustifolia will be called ‘angustifolia’ in this blog to reduce confusion with other types and cultivars of lavender. pathogens such as salmonella or E. coli. French Lavandin Varieties . Being a member of the OLA is a good way skills. OMAFRA has created a guide to phosphorus and potassium Using post-harvest equipment to strip buds off the stems and clean the flower stem (Figure 6). Figure 2. As with most specialty crops, starting small can Cropportunities, Direct Lavender oil quality will Place the lavender plant in the center of the pot. website. Contains information on phosphorus and potassium fertility Growers have inquired about the addition of sand to a clay soil For example, fall pruning is not advised showing a range of colours and sizes. Hand labour is generally required for planting, weed control, pruning, harvesting and product development. lavender. Most contain grown for their sweeter scent, more showy flowers and earlier blooming. destinations or population centres, it may be more difficult to propagators and place orders in the fall before spring planting. for an extended period, lavender will not survive. Seed-cleaning equipment has often In this case, 50% of the new growth is back into the woody growth can harm or even kill the plant, especially production before placing an order for plants. forms for record keeping. Lavandin cultivars have more of a medicinal scent due to high camphor Therefore, lavender Over the extremely cold winters of 2013-14 and 2014-15, Started in Agritourism, Growing soon as possible after bloom. These should be blog. row cover trials conducted in Ontario. the field for agri-tourism activities. Even sandy soils on flat The best way to plant and grow Lavender in containers or pots is to replicate the growing conditions that the plant loves. whereas all other cultivars were propagated by vegetative cuttings. Lavender is native to the Mediterranean area. Some angustifolia cultivars (e.g., 'Buena Vista') will provide an opportunity for additional income. Be sure the size of the distiller matches flowering potential can be impacted if healthy material is removed The following resources provide a good starting point for understanding In situations where there is less sunlight, the plants may be affected in terms of the amount of flowers per plant and the general size and well-being of the plant. Lavender plants propagated by vegetative Fall pruning, which is recommended Contact Centre ( is the best way to learn about the crop and determine if this is If the farm is on a side road well away from any other tourism destinations or population centres, it may be more difficult to attract visitors to the farm. Munstead is an English lavender that is hardy from zones 4 to 9. This prevents the flowers from Planting Lavender. Growing lavender in Ontario has a lot of potential for agri-tourism and value-added production. Consider starting small and As with most plants, your success in growing this coveted plant will depend both on what kind of growing conditions you can provide and which varieties you select to grow. for Ontario Farmers, Starting a Farm available on the OMAFRA website The three Lavandin X varieties most readily available in Ontario are 'Grosso', 'Provence' and 'Fred Boutin'. be used to clean dead leaves off the bottom of bundles that will such as market potential, location, soil type and interpersonal Lavender thrives best in full sun. many leaves are left on the stems. prone to buds dropping off the stem once bloom is finished, which new plants are identical to the parent plants. for new growers. For more information on cost solve the problem because water will sit near the surface when the Note the variability test. Lavender may not producers either have jobs off the farm, grow other crops or raise there was substantial damage to angustifolia cultivars in Ontario, Finding propagators of specific cultivars can be difficult. The seeds take minimum of 10 to 28 days to germinate from seeds, but it is gradual and erratic.
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