Lv10 is reached when your character earns 7,200 XP, Lv20 at 29,450 XP and Lv30 at 66,700 XP. This is a great melee weapon to use as well! See the trophy guide on Evacuated Zion or O Daughter of Babylon for second ending path quest details that you need to conclude your journey towards the 100% in Honest Hearts. Bruce Isaac - Has a room in the Novac Motel. Project Eternity - Rezzed 2013 Developer Sessions,, The terminal will change the password but better that than shutting you out entirely. It would be recommended to take the minimal supplies as if you are journeying alone in the wasteland. If you find yourself breaking a lot of bobby pins, remember that you can cancel the lockpicking attempt at any time. The third downloadable installment for Fallout New Vegas, Old World Blues takes the courier to another world where post-human computer-based researchers enlist his/her help to explore and resolve their experiments that have gone haywire. Thank you so much for reading my guide everyone! You will need to load that extra save game and take the opposite path that Daniel presents. MISSABLE This trophy will be virtually guaranteed over the course of a game, however. If you've completed the mission "How Little We Know" this is easy. Requirement - Kill 20 Animals with any Fat Man or Fat Mines. This mission is easiest if your Reputation with NCR is Liked or better, making Ranger Grant entirely cooperative with your efforts and allowing you unrestricted access to the entire area. Mr. House will accept nothing less than total destruction of the Brotherhood of Steel. Release the immediately when this happens, and adjust the position of the bobby pin. Locations mentioned on the map, but cut from the final release: At Hidden Valley and the Remnants bunker there is an earlier version of the New Vegas map (nv_pleximap01). If you’ve recruited them all at one time or another during the course of a game, you will receive the trophy. If you’re looking for new places to discover, look for triangular outlines at the bottom of your compass which indicates a location you’ve not been to yet. Requirement - Kill 10 Mojave Wasteland Mr. Gutsys and Sentry Bots with Brass Knuckles, Spiked Knuckles, Tire Irons, and Lead Pipes. You need to be able to pass an Intelligence 6 and/or Medicine 30 check in order to uncover Orris' perfidious plot and report it to The King. Robots: Companions: The Legend of the Star could go either way for some people. Once all seven quests are complete, Mr. House will ask if you're ready for the final battle, which will complete this mission, give you the trophy, and trigger "All or Nothing". Once you load up your game, the game will pop-up a notice about a new mysterious radio signal at the Mojave Drive-Thru about a new midnight feature. The damage you do in the game will be directly affected by your Perception stat and your Guns skill. Recruit the White Glove Society, or inform Caesar that they won't join him. On Very Easy difficulty you do 200% normal damage to enemies, making it much easier to get these trophies. By then you will have the Rad+50 mask which will make it easier, though. Red = Primary locations Blue = Vaults 1 Primary locations 2 High-resolution maps 2.1 Mojave Wasteland 2.2 New Vegas Strip 2.3 Freeside 2.4 South Vegas ruins 2.5 North Vegas Square 2.6 Westside 2.7 Crimson Caravan Company 2.8 Camp McCarran 2.9 Aerotech Office Park 2.10 Boulder City ruins 3 Add-on maps 3.1 Sierra Madre 3.2 Zion Canyon 3.3 Big MT 3.4 The Divide 3.4.1 The Courier's Mile … This trophy is tied to the completion of the quest, X-13: Attack of the Infiltrator! you will be approached by envoys from both the NCR and Caesar's Legion, carrying with them amnesty for any of your past crimes against them. Requirement - Kill 15 Super Mutants with 5.56mm Pistols, Plasma Defenders, Plasma Grenades, Power Fists, Rippers, or the Bozar. As long as you don't leave the menu, the full amount of all food items you eat will be added to your "Health From Food" stat. When he runs out of money, you'll have to raise the wager to at least 1 cap then accept to continue. Once you take this path, your final destination will be the tunnel leaving Zion. Lots of trash to sift through to find the good stuff. So playing on Very Easy is critical. If you accidentally touch off a skirmish with the Khans, don't worry. This trophy will come easily, as you only have to play the game, not win it.
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