It is what you would call full-size in many respects, but the Jaguar has always had a shorter scale length, that is the distance between nut to saddle on the bridge. So, now I conclude my list of the best acoustic guitar brands. For most people, the best classical guitars are easier to learn for beginners than steel-stringed or electric guitars. It provides professional tone and playability and also comes with built-in electronics for playing live! While there’s not as much depth in tone as higher end Taylors, Martin, or Eastman guitars, the overall sound is quite clear with a decent bass response for the size. While originally conceived as a guitar for children or travel, it has since been embraced for its unique sound and play-ability, as well as … The back of the guitar is arched to give it a little bit more volume because the body is smaller. But, it’s not just the sound, which we shall move on to in a moment, its three-quarter Dreadnought design and size make it an ideal travel companion. Maybe for yourself? Additionally, be sure that the guitar isn’t too heavy. Buying guide for best children's acoustic guitars. It is a short scale and therefore, is a nice size neck for a beginner where they won’t have to stretch too much. The style of parlor guitars is very reminiscent of the 1950s, as they were incredibly popular for early folk and blues music. With a small body shape that is an iconic feature of the late 19th century parkour guitars, this truly is as vintage and original as a retro parlour acoustic guitar can get. The layered koa back and sides are absolutely gorgeous, delivering a robust, mid-range punch contrasting its size, and a smooth, natural look that’ll make you want to show it off to all your friends. This, like the Taylor we’ve just reviewed, was built for a younger audience originally. Bottom Line: For travel, playability, and sound, the Taylor GS Mini-e Solid Koa Top is one of the best high-end mini guitars around. The top acoustic guitars that I would recommend include D-150, M-240E, OM-150, F-1512E 12 String. Maybe more than one person will use it. The back and sides are made from Meranti, a dark wood similar to mahogany. At 24.9”, you get 19 frets to play with as it sits comfortably low on your knee thanks to the Parlor shape. The maple 9.5 inch, C-shaped neck and fingerboard with tall, narrow frets, is ideal for small hands. We have been a bit tongue in cheek with this review, and we hope it hasn’t put anyone off yet, because we must discuss the sound. A guitar player, songwriter, composer, and also the lead editor of MusicOomph, Gavin is one of the four musician friends behind this site. This best Guitars For Small Hands is a super guitar for any player but especially for people with small hands. 2 Martin LX1 Little Martin Acoustic Guitar. Mini acoustic guitars are usually perfect for people with small hands and beginners. This particular APXT2 is a Spruce-top guitar with Meranti back and sides that provide a surprisingly satisfying tone. The same goes for adults with small hands. The neck of the instrument is the long, thin portion that houses the fret-board. This instrument can embody a full and professional sound without burdening you with its weight and construction. Cordoba GK Pro Negra Electro Acoustic Classical Guitar-damaged- £1,495.00 New. With that said, the smaller the acoustic guitar, the smaller the sound (generally). This is a deep-bodied Orchestra style model which has a Thermal Spruce top and Sapele sides and back. On the other hand, classical guitars are usually played without a pick, so it’s up to you whether to purchase this particular model or not, based on the potential of a missing item from the shipment. While short-scale instruments are designed for smaller hands, they’re not the only option. It is usually best to keep string spacing at the saddle unchanged, since no matter how small the hands, free-stroke playing requires about the same amount of space between the strings.) Up at the headstock, the machine heads are very good quality and the bridge is the same engineered Tech wood as the fingerboard. The lighter the strings, the easier they will be to press down on the fretboard and play. The 7/8 size makes for a happy medium I is only slightly scaled down from full size. Many times acoustic electric guitars with a cutaway body are smaller and easier to handle for small handed guitar players. Up at the headstock, there is a Lexan covering and baby Taylor tuners. The neck is scaled down as it is made for those with smaller hands in mind. Your email address will not be published. One of the biggest issues that people with small hands have with traditional guitars is that the necks are too wide. 1 Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar. But don’t think this is just for starters, it makes a good travel guitar or an instrument to practice on at home or in the garden. .. This baby sounds amazing! The mixture of Mahogany and Rosewood on the 20-fret fretboard give it a smooth quality, which pairs great with the thin build for easy-to-play chords. About Gavin Whitner. With a definitive sound that comes in the main, from the materials used in its manufacture. It hasn’t got the sound of scaled-down Martin or Taylor’s. Top 7 Best Guitars For Small Hands To Buy In 2020 Reviews & Buying Guide, Top 7 Best Guitars For Small Hands In 2020 Reviews, The Best Guitar For Small Hands Buyers Guide. And the top is made from laminated Spruce. The Jaguar was never the easiest of guitars to play or to get a sound from with some confusing controls. Go to previous slide - Best selling. Just look at Ed Sheeran who uses ¾ guitars almost exclusively. But… check out the double humbuckers. Spruce is also usually the least expensive type of wood, If you have more money to spend and want to take a step up, we recommend looking for Mahogany. The who is important. Next up is an awesome, versatile guitar from Gibson that just completely rocks in our opinion. They’re shape and size gives you a nice, clear mid-range tone while still retaining versatility that is perfect for any style of playing. Learning the guitar is a difficult process in the best of times, but choosing the right guitar for someone with small hands will make it easier for them. Epiphone With Slim Taper Neck; 2.Yamaha FG700s For Small Hand Reviews; 3. Search for: Search. The OG1FYS is the perfect beginner acoustic guitar with spot-on spec requirements for players who can’t seem to wrap their hands around a full-size axe. Featuring nylon strings, the HAG250P is an excellent choice for children to play. I hope that this post helped you to decide which is the best classical guitar for your small hands. ... For example, a big bulky acoustic guitar (the first two guitars shown above) can feel overwhelming for a small child or a short adult. It should be thin enough to accommodate your hands and quick transitions. Some of us struggle with a full size guitar with fingers that cant span four frets yet a ¾ size is too small. But it has been such a success, and people love playing it, so many adults and experienced players now count it as one of their favorite instruments. The bodies are very large and broad, making them perfect for projection in any style of playing. The compact OG1FYS from the respected Washburn subsidiary Oscar Schmidt is one of our favorite acoustic guitars for players with small hands. It’s one of the best on the market in terms of tone, build quality and durability. Today, I’m going to show you some tips that really helped me, as well as 5 of the best guitars for small hands that are currently on the market. Bottom Line: The Martin LXM is a wonderful small acoustic guitar for pros and amateurs alike who want great sound at a smaller price! Sure, if the shoes are too large you can get your feet in them, and you may even be able to walk around, but soon you’ll have blisters and all kinds of other problems. But then you’re not paying the same money as for those guitars. While not incredibly important, as you can always change string gauge, you might want to consider getting a guitar with smaller gauge strings or lighter strings in general. The classical guitars have wider frets than the acoustic guitar. The small size makes it more comfortable while taking lessons or practicing. And we don’t want to break the bank in case she just puts it in the cupboard. The playing action is easy and comfortable. Make Sure Your Technique Is Correct Of the guitars we looked at there are options to suit every scenario, even the child who wants to let rip a bit. Hand Exercises for Guitarists. The one consistent complaint is not with the guitar itself, but with the bundle being offered with it. Electrical guitarists are as varied as the sources of blues, jazz, metal, rock, and pop genres that feature the sounds of electric guitars into their designs. It has since moved on from there and is played by a lot of people who just love its sound. It has 19 frets, and there is no cutaway. It offers great tone and is very beginner-friendly. It has a rust stratabond neck and either a Morado or Rosewood fingerboard with 20 frets. Click here to see prices on Amazon . Dual Powersound monsters that are going to create more than a bit of noise. Mahogany has long been recognized as having great qualities for sound, and it creates a certain warmth and clarity – it has that Taylor sound. It’s one of the best on the market in … Expect more of a trebly tone. She is always saying she wants one but doesn’t know it’s coming. The Ultimate 2019 List Of Top Small Hand Guitars. This classic electric guitar has all the trademark Fender features with a vintage look and feel, and of course, the legendary single coil pickups. Today, we’ll be reviewing 35 best classical guitars, so if you are in the market for a classical guitar, you’ve come to the right place at the right time. At a standard ¾ size, the neck is only 15” long and comes with 21 frets. The Martin LXM Little Martin is made from a beautiful Sitka Spruce and comes complete with a Micarta fretboard and high-quality Gotoh tuners. However, with the kind of features and harmonics that they are loaded with, they can be … If you’re in the market for a modern looking guitar with built-in electronics, look no further! Bottom Line: On a tight budget? And for the price tag, this is an excellent instrument. Go to your local guitar shop and compare the neck of a classical acoustic guitar to an electric Ibanez guitar. With a good sound, great sunburst looks, and a very attractive price, this will be high on the list of the best guitars for small hands. Gibson makes great guitars and this one is no exception. Measuring 30 inches in length, the Hohner HAG250P is the perfect mini guitar for beginners and students who love classical music. Die-cast tuners and a vintage-looking hardtail bridge with six saddles make up the design and the look. There are also electric guitars that are made with a short scale neck, so if you’re looking at the specs on an electric guitar, check out to see if the electric guitar is described as ‘short scale.’ The wider spacing behind the strings might shock some players but those who have played a modern shred guitar might find it to their liking. The best guitar for short fingers or small hands is one with a flat neck that makes it easier for your shorter fingers to reach around the neck. One of the finest small-sized guitars today is the Taylor BT2 Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar. And if you are looking for a guitar for a child or an adult with small hands, then this is one to consider. The mahogany of the body gives it a warm, rich sound that even though it is a smaller size, still resonates very nicely. The body is finished in a glossy black. Baby Taylor started life as a guitar for children to learn the basics. The fretboard is rosewood with dot inlays with 21 frets. But, this does mean the frets will be closer together. This is why it’s essential to look for a thin neck guitar so that you don’t have to exert as much effort or feel pain when you play. This type of wood is a bit denser and outputs a punchier sound with lower overtones. Maybe not so nice for people with larger fingers, though. This one is really designed for the kids. The neck of the instrument is the long, thin portion that houses the fret-board. Oscar Schmidt has your back. Expect a mid-range sound with a parlor guitar. This Ibanez is going to set the pulses racing amongst some of the younger fraternity. Manufacturers use different materials to make these instruments. It’s not so much the body or the weight, it’s also the neck and fingerboard, so let’s scale the whole thing down! Or maybe it is just for you to carry around with you, as Taylor Swift does with her baby Taylor? Your email address will not be published. But if they are larger, then you will have to take a look at nut width and fret spacing to be able to use it. The neck has a traditional satin finish. It’s the perfect choice for small-handed guitarists who are also looking to play an acoustic guitar that’s hybrid electronic. In terms of acoustic guitars, Grand Auditorium and Dreadnoughts are the large sizes that may be challenging for someone with small hands to play. It has a maple neck with a 22-inch scale and 24 frets. Are you looking the best thin neck acoustic guitars? The scale on this is 24 inches with 22 frets. People often describe this sound as “woody.”. They feel a load of discomfort when they try and fret the strings or play chords. And speaking of small hands, you should check the neck profile. Two instruments that are at the top end. The hardware is nothing special but does the job. And it is made from Nato with a Rosewood fingerboard. In addition to offering an easily manageable 3/4-scale size with a comfortable mahogany neck, it also happens to be one of the best-looking acoustics we have featured, with a range of cool color choices – including red, blue, black and natural. It also features an Ebony fretboard which has a 12 fret neck joint and a glossy finish. With a wealth available it can be difficult to know what to look for especially if you aren't armed with all the relevant info so we are reviewing the 10 best classical guitars on the market in 2020, for a closer inspection. ​Do note that there is a tradeoff with having a slim neck acoustic guitar. Best get an amp with some headphones we think. Squier has never-the-less given it their best shot and actually done quite well. £27.00 Used. Asked/Answered: Are Short-Scale Guitars Best for Players with Small Hands? The top-tier ebony fingerboard provides a smooth feel while reducing unwanted fret and string noise. June 2020. Fender Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar; Tips For Playing Guitar With Small Hands. Considering its scaled-down size though it still has a great sound with a lot of style. It’s not just children either. Fortunately, we don’t have to give in and play something smaller, and there are guitars that suit players with smaller hands. It can substantially support practicing individuals without burdening you with its cost. Highly recommended: go to – make sure its Groups in there, not regular Google – and enter this search phrase exactly as written here; “small hands” group:guitar Recently, however, it made a conscious decision to appeal to the beginner guitarist, and the Taylor Academy 10 is the culmination of this. It’s incredibly lightweight and is built with reduced specs, making it perfect for those players with smaller hands. In this case, you can always buy a strap, however, this will only help a little. This 3/4 size guitar is a fantastic option for those with small hands. Bottom Line: The APXT2 is an excellent travel companion for small-handed guitarists and sounds incredible considering it is half the price of top-tier, small-sized acoustic guitars. Another is a “Parlor Guitar”. Just like snowflakes, fingerprints, and babies, no two guitarists are exactly alike. Last but not the least on our list of best wide neck acoustic guitars, we have the Takamine TF740FS guitar. Superior materials and build quality. And there is a Rosewood bridge and a plastic nut and saddle. There is not as much of a compromise as you might expect there to be, even with the scaled down body. Another is a “Parlor Guitar”. It is finished in a lovely Flame yellow sunburst color that highlights the grain of the wood and the design is highlighted by an abalone binding and decoration around the sound hole. A guitar is a stringed instrument, available in both electric and acoustic varieties. Your short fingers won’t struggle to wrap around it and play dense chords. Your email address will not be published. Spruce is easily one of the most popular wood types when it comes to acoustic guitars. Those who have small hands will be best suited to play a parlor or concert size acoustics, perhaps with a cutaway to make the body even lighter. Parlor guitars are just a small size down from the ¾ size. You are in the right place. Let’s get you playing again! Sometimes you see a small-size guitar, especially an electric that has obviously been copied from a full-size version and it resembles a toy, and that is often how it’s viewed.
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