Pertinenza? If you met me irl you'd never guess any of this though so here's to that! My favorite about me is that I’m really easy going and kind to people, and I’d say I’m approachable as well. Your depression doesn't define you. Ego Selfishness Possessiveness. I always get bored part way through. least … If your practice buddy is game, you can even ask them what they would say if they were being asked, and try to put yourself in the interviewer’s shoes to think about what you’d look for on the other side. 100% Upvoted. This question from a back copy of Reader's Digest was a real jaw-dropper, one which I didn't think would elicit a public response, apparently, simply, my abhorrence concerning a question like that, is an absolute betrayal of my advanced age.Since, according to the magazine, this is precisely the type of conversation starter that can get Ejecting silly preconceptions and cultural definitions of what a man is. Worst: I’m a procrastinator. Think about your least favorite situation and break down for the interviewer what made it so tiresome. But when you're trying to get to know someone new, or you just want to keep the conversation going, it's good to have some fun fact ideas top of mind. Hence, be honest about your worst quality but only to an extent. So what is your most favorite quality in a person? My favorite; I'm really comfortable with being quiet. I would say is being "modest". Changing the thread title to favorite quality in a person. Even things I want to do, I'm too lazy to actually do it, even if I don't have to get up and move to do it. Archived. And would this cause you to end the relationship? 1 decade ago. I am a huge believer in self-love. save hide report. Favourite answer. Favorurite: I'm careful about the things I do so that I don't end up looking stupid, I guess that is because of my least favorite part of myself. I will turn it in with my name in it only... No remorse. 2. Just curious. honesty. Posted by 4 years ago. My best friend and I are really talkative, but some days we don't say a word, and it feels really nice! Close your eyes, what do you see? Am I perfect? what's your favorite quality about yourself? Anonymous. I always feel so trapped when I want to do something but my self esteem is holding me back. I like my stomach and my nose (haha). New comments cannot … known ; my empathy know-how of others , have particularly a humorous experience of homour, my ideas and intelligence , my mind's eye ( ability lots to me) , my solid experience of individuality, ive never been a sheep, my means to appreciate and understand distinctive human beings, my self sustaining concept , my awareness , my honour , braveness and form coronary heart. My least favorite would have to be how much I hate seeing people from school outside of school. Least Favorite: I get complimented often for my appearances plus different achievements, but deep down I don't feel like I deserve any of it and I feel like people are just being nice. 29 Answers. Practice will surely make your answer stronger and help you become more confident giving it. I don't like to lose, either in pointless games or in arguments. Bipolar disorder and alcoholism that I have to treat daily. Most: I'm funny Least: I have no confidence. r/AskReddit is the place to ask and answer thought-provoking questions. Reply as often as you like to give a boost to your day . Worst: I lack drive. That’s crazy man. 34 comments. I lose myself to my emotions too quickly. By this answer, you mean you are not a timekeeper but you work hard to change yourself. Maybe you'll make some friends in the process. That's an exaggeration, but I do judge harshly. Least favourite: I don't have enough confidence. Be honest, what is your least favorite quality about yourself? I'm getting there with confidence, it takes time! But it does make it hard to have friends/get along with people because something they do may make me consider them "dumb". Interview question for Executive Assistant in Bellevue, WA.What is your least favorite quality in a colleague? Mine is my smile, it looks stupid. Best: I’m a really good listener. Best: I reflect a lot on my emotions and how I’m feeling, so when I’m asked about something, I can usually respond pretty eloquently to get my point across. Lv 7. Ask your question. You likely don't spend a lot of your spare time thinking about yourself and interesting tidbits to share with others. MGTOW - Men Going Their Own Way - is a statement of self-ownership, where the modern man preserves and protects his own sovereignty above all else. And it’s up to you to communicate them well. I hate that I have a slow metabolism and can't eat much and also hate how critical I am. Relevance. Just when I'm bored, frustrated, sad, whatever. A tendency to have a misanthropic attitude. 6 risposte. That's an awesome trait imo since too many people (especially in the US) think silence automatically equates to awkwardness when that normally isn't true. I find it extremely necessary to constantly remind yourself of your best qualities. But … we all have multiple weaknesses. Looking to no one else for social cues. 1 decade ago. 6. Yeah, an optimistic attitude simply isn't in the cards for me. What’s Your Favorite Quality About Yourself? 1 decade ago. I don't like my knees or my big mouth. Your least favorite? Read interesting answers and in fact write your own answer to the question 'What's your least favorite part about yourself? ' Favorite: very outgoing and rather fearless. Even here on Reddit, sometimes I start writing a post or a reply and then I, Oh if I had a penny for every time I started writing a potentially intriguing, witty response I would totally have. what's your favorite and least favorite trait about yourself? It’s always “I’ll do it later” then when later rolls around I still probably won’t do it. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. All of my friends come to me for advice and I actually do like listening. When you are asked “what’s your best quality at a job interview?” you now have four pretty good examples to get started. Same with me but binge eating due to emotions and boredom. I feel like it is hard for a lot of us to recognise our own strengths and positives especially without negativity. my favorite part is my mind--when it's working right. share. Communicate your desire to work, your team work, your ability to work on multiple projects, and that you’re just a drama free awesome person that’s looking to get work done and add value to the company. My least favorite would be is I'm a paranoid door mat. I would have to say my most favorite is I'm not afraid to do what's right. I don't follow through on a lot of things I start. It could be a quality, tendency, physical attribute...anything, really. My favorite quality about myself is not reacting to situations that are bad, and being at least confident in some areas, I think I'm pretty smart, I unno.. Most: I have a lot of will power Least: Lack of confidence. I'm a very loyal friend as well.My least favorite quality is that I'm naturally pessimistic, and I'm rarely content with my life. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. Favorite: Being understanding, caring and awesome. Hey everyone! The friendlier part of Reddit. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the CasualConversation community, Continue browsing in r/CasualConversation. My favorite is that I'm exceedingly polite and kind. It gets pretty bad sometimes, like I don't want to get out of bed because the thought of having to do stuff later is just atrocious. How to Come Up with Interesting Facts About Yourself. My least favorite is that I overthink everything terribly and I hate it. This thread is archived. I collect and repair vintage fans and hi-fi stereo systems. It makes it hard to get close to people when you don't show your appreciation for someone. 33 Answers. Well mine would be: favorite thing: My eyes, they are a ocean blue and they look very VERY blue in the sun least favorite thing: My kindness, it makes me give people more chances than they deserve & i believe people can also chnage Least favorite: being understanding, caring and awesome. Choose one that is not going to torpedo your chances of landing the role.” Instead, Horan says to make it clear that your weakness is something you’ve worked to overcome and won’t hinder your job performance. I like either my eyes or legs best physically and my attention to detail or memory best mentally. Don't consider that a quality of yourself! My favorite quality about myself is my humor and compassion. please answer it 2 Imagine this: you’re sitting in front of your potential employer in a cafe for an interview, nervously bouncing your foot and racking your brain for clever, authentic answers to each of their questions.Then, you’re asked the question.. We all have one — the inevitable and dreaded question asked at every interview, the one we can never quite find the proper response to. Close. I have absolutely 0 motivation to do anything. Anonymous. What's your least favorite thing about yourself? I need braces, I think that would help. Favorite: I'm really positive and I can be optimistic in any situation. I think math is one of those subjects that you can become better at with lots and lots of practice. Have a fun conversation about anything that is on your mind. What is your least favorite quality in a person? My laziness and procrastination. I'm in the arts and's hard to become creative if you don't have it in you naturally. I accepted that a few years ago and even if it doesn't feel so great, it at least feels genuine. Baseball is my favorite sport because I was the best hitter on the team. Answer Save. Perhaps the responsibilities were mundane, or the co-workers were unfriendly. I'll kick it off! A lot of people come to me to vent or when they have a problem, and I have no problems listening and helping. People don't have to guess what I am thinking- I use my words to communicate and when there is a problem, I do my very best to address it instead of letting it simmer and trying to ignore it/hope it goes away on its own. 0 0 Discuss with the interviewer what made the job so complicated, and what you did to make it better for yourself. What is your least favorite quality about yourself? But I'm gonna be in serious trouble over the next decade or two. Least favorite has to be my social anxiety. Refusing to bow, serve and kneel for the opportunity to be treated like a disposable utility. Not in a conceited, “I am greater than everybody else” kind of way -- but more so in a way to ensure yourself that you are certainly worth something. “Be honest – with yourself and your interviewer. I have no problem with spending time with someone and just sit in silence. 7 comments. Micro-flashing neon lights? 22 comments. Interview question for Cashier in San Antonio, TX.Least favorite quality about yourself? I try to limit myself on things like reddit (i'm only on now because I just finished finals and I'm on semester break). Close. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. With some more effort I could be in a much better place in life, but I struggle to make changes and put in the work needed to improve different things. Advertisement. Rispondi Salva. Makes it really hard to make new friends. I am up front. u/BiffsBooch. Favorite: I'm really positive and I can be optimistic in any situation. shreyasahoo90 shreyasahoo90 14.09.2020 English Secondary School +5 pts. I can sniff out a fake personality pretty fast. It is the manifestation of one word: No. I also try to be tactful about it. 5. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. What is your least favorite quality about yourself? My sperm taste like strawberries and i hate it is a curse because people are always trying to break into my pants and steal my sperm oh CREUL FATE, I find it hard to express myself in a recognizable way, and people often develop misconceptions about me. I’m dead I put people I care about in danger I can’t stand up for myself I’m stupid I can’t read things without them getting jumbled I’m a pushover. Answer Save. I have too many ailments. ... Have you ever wondered what your astrological sign says about your personality, or if there is any truth in attributing elements to human behavior? I just want to be normal :(. I go outside every day and play whifle ball with my stepdad. I almost never let myself get genuinely hungry. Be honest, what is your least favorite quality about yourself? Favorite Answer. 1 year ago. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Rhiley Ball, 2nd, Hilton Elementary, Mrs. Edwards My favorite quality about myself is that I’m athletic. Like, more than is normal. Ask a question or start a conversation about (almost) anything you desire. My inability to express emotions. Answered Paragraph on what is your favorite quality about yourself ? If I'm doing a school project, and the other fuckers in my group wont do anything. Dude... u actually just described me exactly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. save hide report. Least favorite: can panic and stress out very easily and quickly. What's your favorite quality about yourself? Least Favorite: I get complimented often for my appearances plus different achievements, but deep down I don't feel like I deserve any of it and I feel like people are just being nice. I'm sure there's much more to you than your depression :). Right now, I'm 29 and it's not a huge problem. I hate it about myself. "What did you like least about your last job?" Favorite: Hopeful Least favorite: self doubt. Since it’s often the first question to be asked in an interview, it’s your big chance to make a first impression. Relevance. I think putting on a fake persona and not being yourself is worse then trying to be something you're not. Definitely not! Risposta preferita. Its like "I know you from school, not Meijer... That's where we will continue knowing each other from". The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Recent Quizzes . share. I'm proud of the fact that I'm trying to fix it right now. I can talk to anyone and be honest. 4 anni fa. Archived. Least favourite: I procrastinate sometimes. I play basketball and baseball. I thought I'd make this post so we can share at least ONE thing that we like about ourselves. my favorite quality about myself is that I’m a good artist. What is your least favorite quality about yourself (physical)? So am I! It’s mostly my fault but I lose track of time very easily, there never enough time for me. Last edited: Feb 13, 2020 What is her favorite part of yourself? Well I'm here posting about my least favorite quality on reddit, that's one. I am unable to complete any art projects. I really want a high quality camera for Christmas. Best: I’m surprisingly neutral about controversial topics, Worst: Because I struggle to care about anything. can be something of a trap when it comes to interview questions, because your interviewer is asking for a negative answer.If you haven't given the subject some thought, you may accidentally talk yourself out of a job. Easier to frame it this way. I eat a lot. Posted by. share. Also, whenever people try to help me out, I don't like it since I don't think I'm worth their time. My favorite quality is the ability to see people for what they really are. What is your least favorite quality about yourself? 0 0. For me it's ridiculous, sometimes I'll get into some deep shit and when I think about it, I realize that it could of been solved if I just did 'x' thing a week ago. In support of Mental Health and Wellness week, we asked students passing by to tell us what their favorite quality about themselves is. Anonymous. For example, if time management is your weakness, do not tell them you are always late, instead tell them you struggle to keep things on time and sometimes you fail to achieve it. What's your least favorite part about yourself? “Tell me about yourself” is a job interview question that is guaranteed to come up in most (if not all) of your job interviews — regardless of your industry, experience level, and job type. It’s Valley Week and we are in the HUB all week promoting the upcoming release of our Fall 2014 issue!