You must have proficiency at the fourth semester level and may be satisfied in any of the following manners: 1. In order to enroll at Illinois in language courses beyond the first level, students must first take a placement test. For last year's middle 50% score range, view our class profile. College Prep Courses. Approval process for curricula If you know what major you want to pursue at UIUC, seek out experiences and opportunities related to it now. The basic requirement is proficiency in a language that has a recognized literature or culture. The level of proficiency must be the equivalent of that expected of the student who has completed the elementary and intermediate levels of language study (i.e., the first two years) at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This requirement must be met by Successful completion of one of the following sequences. If you perform satisfactorily at the fourth-semester level in a proficiency examination approved by the college and the appropriate department, you may also meet the language requirement. Dr. Fred Davidson, Professor Emeritus at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, will deliver the Alan Davies Lecture at the Language Testing Research Colloquium. Read the University of Illinois Privacy Notice. Graduate students may find it advantageous, however, to be proficient in reading articles in a foreign language. If you want to continue your high school language, you need to take the placement examination in that language to help determine which university course will suit your achievement level. We accept either the ACT or SAT I, and we don’t prefer one over the other. Students who completed the non-primary language admissions requirement via dual enrollment should consult with their college admissions/records officer. 2090 A Foreign Languages Building 707 S. Mathews Avenue Urbana, Illinois 61801, USA ph: 217-244-1432, fx: 217-244-2223 email: Head: Chilin Shih Director of Graduate Studies: SHAO Dan Director of Undergraduate Studies: Jeeyoung Ha Office Manager: Mary Moon View entire discussion (8 comments) Students whose native language is not English are required to take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or the International English Language Testing System. You are not required to enroll in a language in consecutive semesters, but you are strongly urged to do so. Official scores are required to be submitted directly from TOEFL/ETS or IELTS (please see instructions below for Submitting Official Scores regarding our institution code and program number). Complete satisfactorily at least 120 semester hours of academic credit. Phone: (217) 333-3563 Fax: (217) 244-2223 Email: If a college requires 4 years of a language, does a high score on the AP fulfill the requirement? Check the Grad College's minimum score requirements. You can apply up to 10 hours (third- and fourth-level only) of basic language proficiency credit toward your graduation from LAS. Successfully completing a third semester of college foreign language; 2. If you don't know what you want to do yet, don't stress! Acceptable proof of proficiency includes reference letter from a language instructor, placement test, high school or college transcripts. A student who enters UIUC without three years of the same f… With the assumption that one year of high school language study is the equivalent of one semester of college study, you may "place back" two college semesters … This requirement must be met by one of the following five options: Successful completion of one of the following sequences. Phone: (217) 333-3563 Fax: (217) 244-2223 Email: This is your chance to explore any areas of interest you might have. Minimum Requirements for Admission are on the Graduate College's website. Test scores must be less than two (2) years old from date of enrollment. Exemptions to the University English Proficiency Requirements are located on the lower part of the sam… Unfortunately in LAS you need 4 years (or semesters) of one language or 3 of two. Lab sciences: 2 years required, 4 years recommended. The School of Literatures, Cultural Studies and Linguistics offers basic language sequences in fourteen languages.Any of these sequences - with the exception of Portuguese- can be used to fulfill the LAS Foreign Language Requirement. Illinois requires 1 unit of arts, music, a foreign language, or vocational education, which can be chosen by the student. Third and fourth levels refer to intermediate-level language learning. Language Other than English. First and second levels refer to elementary-level language learning. And spending 12 credit hours on a gen ed requirement is harsh, because it virtually makes it impossible to graduate in four years with my major, and minor. If you want to continue your high school language, you need to take the placement examination in that language to help determine which university course will suit your achievement level. Transfer Students . Spanish is the most common language that students complete here on campus. We take notice when you demonstrate leadership skills and show long-term commitment to the things you love. If you show proficiency at this level, the requirement for four courses will be met, but no college credit will be granted because these are languages not taught on the Urbana campus. These Gen Ed requirements cover the kinds of knowledge all students should have: the humanities and arts, social and behavioral sciences, natural sciences and technology, quantitative reasoning, composition/writing, and cultural studies. Disability Resources and Educational Services. The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign requires that all undergraduate students take General Education - or "Gen Ed" - courses to gain and use broad knowledge beyond the specialized learning they will do in a major field of study. Flexible Courses. Students studying foreign language at UIC are strongly encouraged to register for required language … General Education courses at Illinois a… You must successfully complete either the third or the fourth level of a LOTE in order to fulfill your language requirement. It is your responsibility to complete the language requirement within the four years of your undergraduate study. For this reason, graduate students are allowed to enroll in language courses offered in the various language departments at Illinois. High scores can qualify a … Gen eds for the secondary teacher education curriculum, Disability Resources and Educational Services. As you prepare, we want you to know the things we expect from our applicants. If you are a student in a Sciences and Letters major, secondary education, or specialized curricula for geology, or physics (chemistry and chemical and biomolecular engineering specialized curricula students see below), you must demonstrate proficiency in a non-primary language in one of the following ways. Overall Requirements for All Students Complete the General Education Program Complete an academic major with an average of ‘C’ (2.00) or better for courses in the major. Students may get advice and information about these proficiency tests from the respective language department during the first week of the semester. © 2020 University of Illinois Board of Trustees. 2090 Lincoln Hall, 4080 Foreign Languages Building 707 S Mathews Avenue MC-168 Urbana, IL 61801. Language other than English: 2 years required, 4 years recommended. The Illinois Learning Standards for World Languages guide learners to develop competence to communicate effectively and interact with cultural competence to participate in multilingual communities at home and around the world. Hours: 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. CST, Monday – Friday (closed on campus holidays), Text: 217-600-2234(Monday-Friday, 2-4 p.m. CST), © Copyright 2020 University of Illinois Board of Trustees. Demonstrating proficiency at the third semester level in a language proficiency examination approved by the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and the appropriate department. Has taken 2 years of a single foreign language in high school (Grade 9-12) with the average grade of C; or. One year of high school language is normally equivalent to a semester of college instruction. For students: (217) 333-1705 If a foreign language is taken, it must include two semesters of the same language. The Department of World Languages and Cultures (former name: Department of Foreign Languages) is committed to graduating women and men proficient in the second language of their choice, conscious and accepting of the crucial role language, culture and humanistic literacy play in … Passing grade: D. Admission Policies .