Zuri: Lion Guard! He suddenly felt more alone than he ever had in his life. Later, Ono discovers that Dhahabu is being set upon by the jackals. When tiifu and zuri walked over Zuri: hey kion( blushes) Zuri had grown feelings for kion for a while now but kion still had no idea but fuli knew and she didn't like the idea. She is one of Kiara's childhood best friends the others being Kovu and Zuri. So I decided to make a theory about this so let's get started. Condition is "New". Tiifu (The Lion King) (2) Zuri (The Lion King) (2) Original Characters (1) Include Relationships Kion/Tiifu (The Lion King) (5) Kion/Zuri (The Lion King) (4) Kiara/Kovu (The Lion King) (2) Nala/Simba (The Lion King) (2) Troy Bolton/Gabriella Montez (1) Chad Danforth/Taylor McKessie (1) … 1. THEORY: Tiifu and Zuri and Scar and Nala's daughters. Tiifu and Zuri are Kiara's friends they first appeared in The Lion Guard Return of the Roar the last time I saw them is the episode called "Baboons!" She is rather curious, going so far as to ask questions, even after being warned against doing so. (Kiara’s Friends!). Tiifu is very kind, sincere and sympathetic, and has a caring spirit. Art by black_kitty Lion Guard characters belong to Disney 6545 Views. Beshte: That's Tiifu and Zuri Kion: Uh ohit's sound like's they're in trouble. The pair often coming up with creative ideas for greeting the new father to be. Because Beren was so young, she grew up believing to be related to the two lionesses. ). However, Scar orders Reirei's Pack to take down Dhahabu. 36K Views. 8 Comments. Tiifu stayed silent, looking at Kion in an apologetic manner before dashing off after the princess. By Akeahi Watch. ; Crying Wolf: Tiifu and Zuri call the Lion Guard to complain about their fur.Fuli lampshades it with her trademark "Seriously? And there were gone after this episode came out. Kion X Tiifu, Part 1Tiifu's P.O.V.Nightfall arrived by the time I finally reached my humble den. Tiifu felt that the cub resembled her and her sister Zuri in particular, and so she took the cub with the idea of raising her as if Beren was a niece or a cousin. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don’t wanna. Posted by 2 hours ago. Tiifu performers in the Christmas show that Bunga puts on for Timon and Pumbaa. During the fight, Tiifu and Zuri cower behind Dhahabu, while Raha and Starehe fiercely fight off their queen's attackers. THEORY: Tiifu and Zuri and Scar and Nala's daughters. Tiifu x Zuri. I wasn't aware there were going to be more cubs around besides Kion and Kiara, so it was a nice surprise 22 Αυγ 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Γιώργος Αυγουλάς. Zuri and Tiifu cower in the midst of a jackal attack. Kion: Let's check it out come on. Kiara, Tiifu, and Zuri give Dhahabu a tour of the Pride Lands, but are threatened by a big fire, leaving the Lion Guard to rescue them, and for Dhahabu to have Fuli be her guard until her visit is done. Ono: Negative the calls are coming from inside Pride Rock. Disney The Lion Guard The Underground Adventure S2 E25 6 Sep 2018 Zuri: Our fur won't lay straight it's too hot and dry around here. Discover (and save!) 1K Favourites. Tiifu: Lion Guard! Tiifu and Zuri is an American animated series inspired in Centipot Episode: the Rip-off. Zuri stuck her nose in her air, carefully trotting along after them. (Kiara is listed as reference only so you can see what all three friends look like together. 310 Favorites. Tiifu is a lion cub who is a member of the Pridelanders, a friend of Kiara and Zuri and a supporting character in The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and it's follow-up series The Lion Guard. Close. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. Disney The Lion Guard - Season 2: The Underground Adventure - Kion, Kiara, Bunga, Tiifu and Zuri must journey underground through aardvark tunnels to escape a fire. Tiifu: What's wrong? disney thelionking zuri tiifu thelionguard. Help Tiifu: Help. Kion sat down hard on his haunches, feeling dejected. ; Big Damn Heroes: When Tiifu accidentally causes a cave in, Kiara's first instinct is to try to shield Tiifu from the rocks. See more ideas about Lion guard, Lion king, Lion king art. Tiifu is the daughter of an unnamed lioness. produced by Lake Weldon Productions and Vin Di Bona Productions that will premiere on MIX. Tiifu And Zuri. Lion Guard Blind Bags Series 5 Tiifu & Zuri. Holy shoot, I'm totally loving the designs of these two! Aug 26, 2020 - Explore Abigail Rhodes's board "Tiifu story" on Pinterest. Together with Raha and Starehe, the Lion Guard rushes to the rescue and fights off the pack. Look at us. Tiifu x Zuri. your own Pins on Pinterest Tiifu is a supporting character in the 2015 TV film The Lion Guard: Return of the Roar and a recurring character in it's 2016 follow-up series The Lion Guard (both of which serve as sequels to the 1994 film The Lion King). A Day in the Limelight: Tiifu gets the biggest focus in this episode, portraying her as having a fear of the dark. Hey Ono do you see anything? Tiifu Zuri what's wrong? She shows great concern for her friends, as shown when her friend Zuri wounds herself and when her other friend Kiara becomes trapped amongst a stampede of gazelles. Zuri, and Tiifu surround him with their packed wombs so that the cubs can greet daddy with a hug. 120 Comments.