It's already an excellent bargain at $300. That said, it's absolutely worth getting professionally set up if you plan to use the original system. Excellent. As such, they are tremendously versatile, capable of delivering dulcet, jazzy cleans, Tele-like twang, and articulate, effects-friendly distorted raunch in equal measure. It's really easy once you do it and is a required skill for modding. Has a small crack in … I like to think of it as a “sharpen” control. $31.99 shipping. Wilkinson tuners and bridge. The traditional Jazzmaster slide switch is a double-pole double-throw (DPDT) switch, and therefore has two poles. The Squier comes with a pair of Seymour Duncan–designed single-coil pickups and budget electronic components. $271.99. Ideal for first-time players, the Squier Affinity PJ Bass Pack includes an Affinity Series Precision Bass with a powerful split-coil P Bass® middle pickup and a growling J Bass® single-coil bridge pickup. To this day, Jazzmasters remain a popular model, available not just with best-of-class electronics, but in all manner of budget configurations as well. Use the black thumbwheels to adjust the Rhythm's volume and tone. You need a three-pole double-throw switch (3PDT), which is available from mouser electronics (Swithcraft brand, part #50209LX). Here are the mods:-4-way switch, Oak Grigsby $11, gives you humbucker Les Paul tones from your SS Tele. 2020 Squier Affinity Strat Tom Delonge Style Mod Surf Green. Plug it in and enjoy the dramatic improvement in tone. There is a product called Nut Sauce which is a light oil/graphite mixture which you put a small drop on the nut slots, string trees and the saddles. Points A and B connect to the cavity shielding, and point C is the bridge ground. The BSB one I had did have a very nice ash body. In stock and shipping now. That can happen when a "hot" connection inadvertently makes contact with a ground point. In general, the Duncan pickups are hotter and brighter than vintage Jazzmaster pickups, and the bridge pickup likely will sound too harsh for those with vintage tastes. Watch. The Bronco Bass … Custom pickguard. I can say with experience that for around $80 US, you can upgrade to a gig worthy guitar. It … One variation that works well is a .001 MFD capacitor in parallel with a 150K resistor, wired across the wiper and outer lug of the volume pot, as depicted below. Oops, looks like you forgot something. Fender literally wrote the book on electric basses, laying the foundation for musical innovation and evolution. Both are configured as “master” controls, meaning they affect all pickup switch positions. Rolling string trees. Mint. Then, we'll show you how you can get an inexpensive alternative—like Squier's Vintage Modified Jazzmaster—and modify it into a top-grade machine. is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. Support independent music stores & gear makers. In the first sample, both controls are rotated fully clockwise on 10, and therefore disengaged. $449.99. It lets you wobble notes both sharp and flat and the arm is designed to let you manipulate the bar constantly while playing. Twist the ends of the three wires together and solder them to the casing of the volume pot, as displayed in the photograph. Free Shipping. Desmond Custom Mods adalah brand modifikasi gitar … If you have more tips and techniques for getting the most out of your Jazzmaster, let us know in the comments. Insulate the tone capacitor with heat shrink tubing to prevent ground-outs. Watch this listing to get … ). I was just wondering what (if any) mods have u done to your squier strat. I performed all of them with a Squier Vintage Modified Jazzmaster with electronics upgraded using the mods described here and Curtis Novak pickups (JM-FAT bridge and JM-V neck). A Guide to Jazzmaster Upgrades, Mods, Unique Features, and More, "Fender Goes High-End: The Origins of the Jazzmaster,", Mastery-equipped used and vintage Jazzmasters, Seymour Duncan Antiquity II for Jazzmasters, Lead Circuit volume pot: 1 meg linear taper, Rhythm Circuit volume pot: 1 meg linear taper, Rhythm Circuit tone pot: 50k linear taper, For the switches and jack, Switchcraft products are the de facto standard. Others dislike having a dead toggle switch position when in series mode. The saddles were also a major upgrade over the cheap potted originals and I rarely break a string. Add to Cart. The point is that the Squier Affinity - if you can get past the fact that it is not an exotic or expensive guitar - would seem to me to be a good candidate for some slight investment into mild to … squier classicvibe j bass60, fender squier affinity p bass bk, fender squier vint mod jaguar bass sp, fender squier affinity p bass set bk, fender squier vint mod jaguar bass hb, fender squier vint mod jaguar bass, fender squier affinity p bass, fender squier affinity p bass set mb, La Jazz Bass Affinity … Squier Affinity Desmond Custom Mods // Seven Sound Stratocaster. Though often confused with Gibson-style P-90s or "soapbar" pickups, Jazzmaster pickups are completely unique in function and tone. Component selection is important for the bass-cut control. Thus, the stock bridge can often work quite well after a switch to a set of 11s, 12s, or 13s (not necessarily flatwound), and a good, professional setup. When Leo Fender introduced the Jazzmaster in 1958, his aspirations for the new guitar were right there in its name. Many players will swap the stock bridge for a Fender Mustang bridge, which is similar in design but has deeper grooves and is less prone to rattling (though not immune). Lots of players have a hankering for a Jazzmaster—and a limited budget shouldn't stand in the way. Fender's Teles and Strats were already wildly successful with country pickers and rock 'n' rollers, but the company wanted to snipe some serious business from Gibson and its jazz clientele. The wires are labeled A, B, and C in the photograph below. It can prevent the loss of highs experienced with a lower volume pot. The Squier Mini Strat is primarily a beginner electric guitar, sometimes refereed to as a kid's or youth guitar. Leo Fender’s design calls for a 1 meg reverse taper pot with a .002 MFD capacitor. The two things I didn't care for on the Affinity was the nut width and the no string through body. As luck would have it, the offset shape also made it look really cool, and even kind of wild and dangerous. I would recommend sticking with the stock value of 1 meg pots. I was thinking of purchasing a Squier Affinity Series Telecaster after trying one at a music store and liking the overall feel. Squier; Squier Affinity Strat Silver Metallic Tom Delonge Style Mod. The ability to dial out some of the low frequencies is useful, particularly to help overdriven sounds “pop” and cut through a mix. The Fender shield fits only the Fender American Vintage Reissue (AVRI) pickguards. Observe the liberal use of heat-shrink tubing, which is optional but can prevent the inadvertent "ground-outs" that may occur when installing the wiring harness into the guitar. As to your nut, because the stock nut is 41mm, you won't find any pre cut nuts that will work out of the box. I want to try to have this under $100. For the latter group, here’s an easy fix. Thus, he took great pains to give the Jazzmaster a body shape that was naturally conforming to the body of a seated guitarist. Surprisingly, the Squier's control cavity (pictured right) is shielded with conductive paint, which is a nice bonus, but you'll still want to properly shield the pickguard. Depicted below is the final wiring harness, ready to be mounted into your guitar. Another option is the very popular aftermarket Mastery Bridge, a brilliantly engineered piece of hardware endorsed by many of today's masters of jazz. ... 2008 Fender® Squier HSS Sunburst Strat Stratocaster w/ MODS HSS. There’s plenty of flexibility with component selection for the treble-cut control, but I prefer to stick with the standard values used on the primary tone pot in vintage Jazzmaster wiring, namely a 1 meg audio taper pot with a .033 MFD capacitor. Radio Shack has soldering kits pretty cheap and there are plenty of websites on how to solder. Below is a diagram showing how to wire the Lead Circuit with dual volume controls. You probably won't find those one pin type aftermarket. (You can also find deals on Fender's higher-end but discontinued Vintage Reissue Jazzmasters, both US- and Japan-made, which are already historically spec'd.). It's caused by single-coil pickups and exacerbated by the long wire runs required to cover the large surface area of the instrument. Your purchases also help protect forests, including trees traditionally used to make instruments. As it was designed for jazz guitarists, the Jazzmaster was originally intended to be strung with heavy-gauge flatwound strings. For example, a .001 MFD capacitor provides a more dramatic bass cut, and a .003 MFD is more subtle. The lower controls are now bypassed completely, and a darker, bassier tone is in play. Wiring will be straightforward for anyone with basic soldering tools and skills. In the following sound sample, you can hear the same pattern, first in parallel and then in series. Mint. Even high end guitars may require having the nut reslotted. Main Stratocaster Guitar Discussion Forum,, Guitar Player Repair Guide - Google Books, (You must log in or sign up to reply here. Learn more. And a few key changes can transform it into a great instrument with vintage-spec parts. For the pot value, stick with 1 meg, and the reverse taper is critical for the pot to provide a gradual bass roll-off. I had to fill and drill two or so holes. $279.00. I didn’t use pedals or audio plugins. Learn more. Add to Cart. We'll outline the standard features first, teaching how each component should work and offering suggestions for upgrades if necessary. It’s a high-pass filter, which is the opposite of a low-pass filter. The Alnico pickups were a major upgrade over the stock ceramic singles and the pickguard was shielded with full size Alpha pots. By clicking Subscribe, I agree to the processing of my data in order to receive emails. Other affordable versions include Fender's Classic Series '60s Jazzmaster and Classic Player Jazzmaster. When you are done with your mods, take the guitar to a good luthier and have him check the nut slots and do a proper setup. Squier by Fender Affinity Stratocaster Beginner Pack, Laurel Fingerboard, Brown Sunburst, with Gig Bag, Amp, Strap, Cable, Picks, and Fender Play. Your purchases help youth music programs get the gear they need to make music. Watch this listing to get … A useful mod for the slide switch is series/parallel switching. More than likely, your strings are binding at the nut causing your tuning issues. A superb gateway into the time-honored Fender® family, the Squier® Affinity Series™ Bronco™ Bass delivers legendary design and quintessential tone for today’s aspiring bassist. Many players' problems with this design start with the bridge, which has a tendency to buzz, rattle, and allow strings to pop out of its shallow saddle grooves during hard playing. Optional features include a treble-bleed mod, also known as a "volume kit." Jazzmaster Lead Circuit with dual volume controls. But some rockers and surf guitarists found plenty to love in the Jazzmaster's unique pickups, the selector switches that allowed players to dial in two tones at once—and, of course, the wild offset shape. Super Mod Squier Affinity. That means the lower controls—the Volume and Tone pots and three-way toggle—function as you would expect. I'm also a minor and my parents are strict and won't let me solder.... Ok, so Change the saddles and electronics? One control cuts treble and the other cuts bass. Squier STRAT By Fender~Affinity … His pickups not only sound amazing but offer a great deal of variety to boot. I still can't solder nor do I have the equipment though. In the second sample, the bass cut pot has been rolled down to the 2–3 range, so you hear a somewhat sharper sound provided by the bass cut. The bass-cut control is another animal entirely. Jazzmaster Lead Circuit with Dual Volume Controls and G&L Style PTB Tone Stack. Your choice of pickups will have an enormous effect on your tone. The curious shape of the Jazzmaster initially came about because of Leo Fender's desire to attract top-shelf East Coast jazzers, who typically preferred to play sitting down. Please check the fields highlighted in red. Learn more. Learn everything you need to know to choose the right Jazzmaster for you. And if you're planning to modify a cheaper telecaster, at the very least get a squier classic vibe one, the Affinity guitars don't have the classic layout and dimensions, so hardly any, if any available tele parts are going to fit. Well, the jazz players didn't really bite. It’s an unusual effect that emphasizes the lower mid-range. Basically, anywhere the strings make contact. That said, Seymour Duncan makes its own vintage-spec replacement pickups, the Seymour Duncan Antiquity II for Jazzmasters, and browsing through Reverb's aftermarket Jazzmaster pickups will yield more options. To shield the pickguard, use either a Fender aluminum shield or Rothstein Guitars copper shield. Flick the top switch up, however, and you have accessed the Rhythm Circuit, in which only the neck pickup is activated.