For Super Smash Bros. This is also referenced by the Power Plant where Elec Man's spirit is located, as the Power Plant is occupied by electricity-based spirits. List of spirits (Kirby series) - Smashpedia, the Super Smash Bros. wiki. The Pikachu Libre puppet fighter references both Pikachu Libre and Elec Man being masked characters who utilizes electric-based attacks. (Minus Enhanced Spirits)". Ultimate to Forever is the gameplay mechanic of Spirits. For other uses, see Son Goku. When the attack starts, he will thrust the drill through the ground, and thrusting his drill into the air. The player always receives a random spirit when opening up the game for the first time. The red Mega Man puppet fighter starts off with a Beam Sword, referencing Model ZX carrying the essence of Zero, who utilized his Zero Saber. 350 ⭐⭐⭐ Dark Mind: Kirby Series: Supports-Adventure Mode / Spirit Board ⎔⎔-Franklin Badge Equipped: Start battles wearing a Franklin Badge. The two Tiny R.O.B. Ultimate on the Nintendo Switch, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "I'm playing WoL no spirits, no power-ups, hard mode, Kirby only. The stage references the boss room of Knight Man stage in, In World of Light, the Knight Man is located in Dracula's Castle, referencing the recurring knight enemies in the. For instance, a battle with Sonic the Hedgehog under the control of the Able Sisters' spirit will have three Sonic the Hedgehogs attack with drills. A guide on how to easily unlock the Geno Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Similarly to the item, the Drill Arm's charged shot fires a drill that plows through enemies, dealing ongoing damage for a time. How to unlock them all the exclusives via Shop, World of Light, Master spirits, Special events, DLC, Challenges, Fighter Spirits and the Summoned and Enhanced Spirits. For Super Smash Bros. The Boomerang item references Quick Man's Special Weapon, Quick Boomerang. The Timer item also references Flash Man's Special Weapon, Time Stopper, which allows him to stop time and immobilize his opponents. The Wolf minion fighter references both Wolf and Omega-Xis sharing a similar canid appearance. 1 Primary Spirits 2 Support Spirits 3 Master Spirit 4 Fighter Spirit The Mega Man puppet fighter's favored down aerial attack, Hard Knuckle, represents the same Special Weapon he obtains from Hard Man. This references Dr. Light's association with electronic automatons. (Part 2)". Ultimate. The stage references Ryship Island, the main setting of, The Mega Man puppet fighter represents MegaMan.EXE, the NetNavi protagonist of the, The stage likely references visual aesthetic of the cyberworld from the, This spirit battle references the "virus busting" mechanic of the. The Mega Man puppet fighter references Mega Man X being Mega Man's successor. All 1375 spirits are accounted for! If fired into a wall, the drill will linger on the wall for several seconds before exploding. Reflect enemy projectiles. The music references the Dark Man stage in. Ultimate. Mario is the Italian plumber with red and blue overalls that we all know and love. Explore Wikis; Community Central; Start a Wiki; Search This wiki This wiki All wikis | Sign In Don't have an account? These Puppet Fighters attack the player with traits of the spirit possessing them, mimicking battles the best that the Puppet Fighter can with their moveset. Ultimate are characters that have lost their physical forms, and act as collectible power-ups that can be equipped to fighters to grant them special abilities in battle. The Drill trophy appears in both versions. This spirit battle fighting against the four Dark Man robots, with the three Samus minion fighters representing the first three Dark Men and the Mega Man puppet fighter representing the fourth and final Dark Man. Contents. The puppet fighter's purple coloration references Shadow Man's dark color scheme. The Dr. Mario puppet fighter references both Dr. Mario and Dr. Light sharing the same title of doctor.