We will email you PreClimb info including gear list and departure details upon registration. There is a cache containing many of those old records which the website administrators are hoping to retrieve so the old Climbers Logs can be seen by others. For the mountain in Greece, see Mount Olympus. ------------A few mountaineers might be strong enough and have enough time to summit all three major peaks (West Peak, Middle Peak, and East Peak) during one trip. Mt. Your guide team will pool all tips. If you’re hiking with a group, leave the packs at Refuge A, and bring water and food in a single communal bag. One waste kit per 1-3 days is typically sufficient. (8), Olympus: 4th Of July Route On The 5th Of July, An Excessively Wet Adventure: Mt Olympus, WA, Mt. When preparing lunches, please do not bring food items that require cooking or extensive preparation. Set entirely within Olympic National Park, this trip offers a uniquely beautiful wilderness mountaineering experience. British explorer Captain John Meares gave the mountain its present name of "Mount Olympus" in reference to the home of the Gods in Greek mythology. One of the shortest, most scenic, and most popular trails to the summit is the 4.2 mile class 2 Tuckerman Ravine Trail that starts at the AMC Pinkham Notch Visitor Center (2050'). $300.00 deposit includes a $200.00 non-refundable registration fee, due with application. Guarded by a 17.5 mile approach that begins at only 600’ above sea level, climbing Mount Olympus is a significant undertaking despite its modest 7980’ summit elevation. Skala is marked with a flag and a couple of stone cairns. Northwest Alpine Guides will instruct you how to climb safely and successfully. ... Washington Rentals: All rental equipment for trips taking place in Washington will be picked up at your gear check. Tall and majestic, Mt Olympus has one of the most difficult summits in the United States and should only be attempted by trained climbers with guides. NOTE: Other possible summit options exist that have more solid rock to climb but also steeper slopes (i.e. On each day, we will encourage you to eat at regular, short maintenance breaks, roughly once every hour. Mount Olympus, an impressive peak which towers above the east side of Salt Lake City, rises to an elevation of 9,026 feet. On September 22, 1890, members of the Olympic Exploring Expedition, led by Lieutenant Joseph P. O'Neil (1862-1938), scale one of the peaks of Mount Olympus. Nice end-of-season climb on Washington state’s Mt. Located deep in the heart of Washington’s Olympic National Park, Mount Olympus is only accessible by a 17.5 mile hike through the protected Hoh Rainforest—one of the largest and oldest temperate rainforests in America. ● We strongly recommend that you bring an alternate set of footwear for the 18-mile approach to our high camp on Mount Olympus. Follow the signs for overnight parking, or ask a ranger about overnight parking availabilities.For those people traveling from the metropolitan areas on the east side of Puget Sound (such as Seattle and Everett), if ferries are used and under normal ferry conditions, the one-way drive to Hoh River Trailhead is ~5-6 hours. But there’s nothing puny about the approach, the glaciers, the crevasses, or the icefalls you’ll encounter on the route. rockfaces) and more exposure. Graced by the beautiful Blue Glacier, more precipitation falls on this region than any other in the lower 48. -> Ascend the steep eastern slopes of Snow Dome until at its wide open gentle-sloped mountaintop. For updated North Cascades weather forecasts, click here. -> From Glacier Meadows, there are two main options to reach the Blue Glacier:OPTION #1: Follow the Terminus Primitive Trail south for 0.5 miles until reaching the lower end of the Blue Glacier at ~4800' elevation. Our climbing team assembled at the Hoh Visitor Center. The best places to see the mountain, outside of its own approach, are from atop other nearby peaks and ridges in the Olympic Mountains, or away from shore along the Pacific Ocean.But even from these favorable viewing locations, Mount Olympus is commonly covered with clouds and being hit by storm systems. Photos from mountains close to Mount Olympus Sentinel Peak (Washington) Sentinel Peak - Olympic National Park. We lead the Mount Olympus Climb at a 3 to 1 climber to guide ratio to ensure that you receive personal attention and hands-on instruction throughout the climb. Team members are free to organize rideshares with other team members. We recommend basic painkillers, Moleskin, first-aid or athletic tape, Band-Aids, and anti-septic wipes or gel. On September 22, 1890, members of the Olympic Exploring Expedition, led by Lieutenant Joseph P. O'Neil (1862-1938), scale one of the peaks of Mount Olympus. Climbing boots must be full shank and crampon compatible. In 1909, it becomes the Mount Olympus National Monument within the Olympic National Forest. Most climbers will fly into Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) the evening before the program and rent a car for the hour and forty-five minute drive to Sedro Woolley, Washington. These areas are considered dangerous to some people, and require extra caution to be used. With your permission, our office staff can share your name and contact information with other team members so that you can organize ridesharing. For vegetarian diets, we are easily able to leave out the meat before serving group meals. -> Trekking Poles-> Ice Axe-> Helmet-> Climbing/Glacier Rope-> Crampons-> Rock Climbing Equipment (Cams, Nuts, Slings)-> Glacier Goggles/Sunglasses-> Sunscreen-> Windbreaker Jacket-> 10 Essentials-> Common Sense, RECOMMENDED MAPS:-> Green Trails Map #133S: "Seven Lakes Basin/Mt Olympus Climbing"-> Green Trails Map #134: "Mount Olympus, WA"RECOMMENDED BOOK:-> "Climbing Washington's Mountains" by Jeff SmootRECOMMENDED VIDEOS BY SUMMITPOST MEMBERS:-> Video By "Redwic"-> Video By "Gimpilator". Since departures require a minimum number of participants, Northwest Alpine Guides must adhere to a stringent refund policy. All our instructors have advanced avalanche training, wilderness medical training, and will instruct you how to be self-reliant in the mountains. Olympus, WA - 7,979 ft. We started on June 10th from the Hoh River Ranger Station and hiked in 18 miles to Glacier Meadows on the first day … Despite being a significant mountain both regionally and nationally, few people ever even see Mount Olympus. Often confused with the mountain of the same name in Utah, it is located on the Olympic Peninsula and is the central feature of Olympic National Park. High quality Mount Olympus gifts and merchandise. To learn more about our services, history and philosophy please visit: Why Choose Northwest Alpine Guides. This route option is used by most summit teams, although the lateral moraine is extremely steep, loose, and contains rockfall danger.-> Once on the Blue Glacier, traverse southwest across the glacier until below the steep eastern slopes of Snow Dome. Two 15-minute lunch & snack breaks, Day 5: Remaining snacks for the descent to trailhead. Turn east onto the Hoh River Road and drive 19 miles to the end of the road at the Hoh Ranger Station and Campground in Olympic National Park (578 ft). For a quote, or to purchase travel insurance, please click this link Ripcord Rescue Travel Insurance™. The following fitness guidelines will help you prepare for your climb. The Mount Olympus National Park covers a staggering 24,000 hectares, resulting in a great many entry points and trails that all converge on the peaks protruding from its rocky heart. We rope up and cross roughly a mile of ice, then ascend scree and snow to top of the Snow Dome at 7,000 feet. Note: Pack basic medical supplies in a compact package. Be aware of steep and partially extreme terrain. Our instructors are highly skilled professional guides who have been selected based on their technical proficiency, proven safety records, careful judgment, patience, and supportive teaching styles. We recommend training for Mount Olympus at least 3-6 months in advance. The fastest way to climb Mount Olympus is by starting your ascent from Prionia, at 1100 meters above sea level, the highest you can get by car. First and foremost, Mount Olympus is the highest point in Jefferson County, and the 10th-highest county highpoint in Washington. Do not underestimate the importance of climbing-specific training. in Washington was an accountant who moved to the West to pursue his love of mountain climbing. Mount Olympus, at 7,980 feet, is the tallest and most prominent mountain in the Olympic Mountains of western Washington state. Please contact the Hoh Visitor Center or Olympic Wilderness Information Center for current fees, requirements, camping reservations, and trail/route conditions:HOH VISITOR CENTER: 360-374-6925OLYMPIC WILDERNESS INFORMATION CENTER: 360-565-3100-> Bear wires are available at some campsites along the Hoh River Trail. An 18-mile approach leads through old-growth rainforest in the Hoh River Valley to the toe of the Blue Glacier, part of the third largest glacial system in the Lower 48. in Washington was an accountant who moved to the West to pursue his love of mountain climbing. That makes it the tallest peak in the Olympic Mountains range. He had climbed Mount Olympus ten years earlier, as well as numerous other peaks in Washington and abroad. Rental gear must be reserved in advance using our quick rental form. Note: CamelBaks and other bladder-style hydration systems may be used in addition to two water bottles, but are not sufficient. The NWAG office does not coordinate ridesharing or carpooling and we are unable to share customer or guide contact information due to privacy concerns. The mountain also supports six active glaciers. View Mount Olympus Image Gallery - 304 Images. © 2006-2020 SummitPost.org. With extremely few and rare exceptions, the standard approach for Mount Olympus originates at the Hoh River Trail. No matter if you have never climbed before, our instructors are prepared to help you learn mountaineering from the ground up. Please contact the Hoh Visitor Center for current conditions. Mount Olympus. Contact Us. An average tip is 10 – 20% percent of the cost of the program, usually $100 – $200. Mount Olympus is the highest point of the Olympic Wilderness Area and the highest point of Olympic National Park. Participants age 15 and younger: May only participate in private climbs and must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian. The mountain is attempted by many summit parties each year, yet the average success rate is considered low largely due to the peak being located in the most precipitous region of Washington, having a long approach, and having a variety of difficult terrain to traverse. Running, swimming, cycling and other sports may help you prepare for your climb, but they are usually not sufficient. Date changes are subject to availability and apply only to the current climbing season. It is also a good spot to take the path which leads to Zonaria from which you can climb about - 180m climb- to the high peak of Mount Olympus * Mytikas (2.918m). Look for this on the East side of the road a ways south of 4500 South. At 7,980 feet, Mount Olympus is the highest peak on the Olympic Peninsula. That team reached the summit of nearby "Athena II" on September 22 of that year. Hiking Time: 6-8 hours, Accommodations: Tented Camp Established campsites are located along the Hoh River Trail. From your base camp at Glacier Meadows, you'll also have a chance to view the Blue Glacier, which is a true river of ice. Olympus - Hoh River Trail 07.05-07.11, "Skamania Pinnacle" (West Ridge of Adams), Hiking, Mountaineering, Aid Climbing, Scrambling. Note: All solid waste must be carried out of the backcountry. Note: An adequately sized backpack is required. We also offer a wide selection of rental equipment and other services from our Guide Hut in the town of Sedro-Woolley, Washington, the “Gateway to the North Cascades.” No other company operates a dedicated full-service facility so close to Mount Baker, Mount Shuksan and nearby peaks. Madison Mountaineering is the best run operation on the mountain. The drive from Port Angeles to the Hoh River Valley Trailhead takes 2 hours and leads through the tiny town of Forks, setting for the “Twilight” television series. Hoh Rainforest Visitor Center Trailhead to Olympus Guard Station: Olympus Guard Station to Glacier Meadows High Camp: Please read our Goals & Fitness guide for strategies to help you train for your climb. The Guide Hut offers a selection of mountaineering equipment and clothing for purchase and rent. 4580 Klahanie Dr SE #220 All minor climbers must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian throughout the entirety of the program. NOTE: As a general rule, and for safety reasons, the Olympic National Park recommends OPTION #1 (Crystal Pass) as the standard route for potential summiters to use. In 1909, it becomes the Mount Olympus National Monument within the Olympic National Forest. Today, an estimated 10,000 people climb the peak annually, though far fewer attain the ultimate summit of Mytikas. This mountain may be “little” elevation-wise. This ascent is an entry level summit climb and is suitable for climbers in excellent physical condition with no prior mountaineering experience. Lead guide, Terray Sylvester, provided this report: We made the most of challenging conditions last week on Mount Olympus’ Blue Glacier Route. Particularly close to the peaks you must use your hands most of the time to follow the path. As the climbing day lengthens, we become fatigued and dehydrated. Please note that Seattle traffic is worsening and driving times from Seattle and Seattle-Tacoma International Airport may be significantly longer. It is the central feature of Olympic National Park. Note: Please read our Mountaineering Boots and Crampons guides for recommendations. This trip offers a uniquely beautiful wilderness mountaineering experience. The mountain requires over 5000' of elevation gain by its shortest route, one of only 12 Washington County Highpoints (CoHPs) to do so. Hiking or Climbing Mount Olympus .