VS Younger Toguro. ", Isom said, "Hey, easy. Cries of indignity from the two mentioned crewmates were ignored. Read the topic about Is Meliodas really weak? ", Wiz said, "The ripple is an effect, caused by hamon, a mystical energy harness by breathing.". Tempest: Within the hearts of these men, lurks the darkness of sin. ", Sanji said, "That's worse than Franky's Tactic 15 idea. ", Brook shuddered and said, "That smile chills me down to the bones.". Thankfully, there was no sound as it would have added to the terror. By the late medieval period of Europe in Wallachia, Dracula had lived alo… Boomstick was about to fire again, but Wiz stopped him. ", Wiz explained, "During the time of Ottoman Empire, Vlad Tepes fought against the Turks for god, believing that prayer wouldn't get a response, but actions would. I'm gonna have a party, or else you will be sorry.". However, Jonathan wound up stopping his plans by exposing him as the monster he really was. They show a clip of Alucard getting pelted with bullets and shrugged them off, regenerating moments later and killing the men in a gory manner. Once he finally killed his fool, he would drain him of blood to heal his wound. Dai: I don’t believe it! Zoro didn't answer and just stared at Alucard. Predator vs Prophet. Everyone looked confused as they looked at each other, wondering just what those strange creatures were and wondering just why Boomstick said it was going to suck. ", Boomstick said, "Yeah, Dio can regenerate wounds and being partially split in two, but Alucard can regenerate after being ripped to pieces by pretty much anything. Now…..it's time for the Captain of the Seven Deadly Sins to jump in. Alucard vs Anderson (The Final Battle) AMV. ", "Okay, not going to lie," Sanji said, "This seemed a little one sided. You attacked my boss, killed some people I barely even know, with a bunch of incompetent ghoul knock-offs.". However, it came to an end when his servants were slaughtered, and he was brought down by a man named Abraham Van Hellsing.". On his head was a wide and floppy brimmed fedora, and a pair of wire framed glasses, with heavily tinted orange lenses. At the end of each match each character is fully regened, equipped, and ready to fight. ", Isom simply turned to the reindeer and answered, "Just go with hit little buddy. On its head was a headpiece that covered its face to just below his nose, and slanted at a deep angle so it peaked at the back of his head, looking like an inverted triangle. Everyone sat waiting for the next episode to load. Alucard (Castlevania) vs Alucard (Hellsing) – complete. ", Isom shrugged and said, "Maybe. ", Zoro said, "Yeah, should we be worried about vampires. Chopper simply shuddered at the thought of the two, and of Alucard coming to their world. This Batman is to be feared! He agrees," the cyborg said, crossing his arms. Though, like Sanji, he drew the line at murder. No clue whatsoever," Brook said, unable to think of anything that had to deal with that. Is a master fighter with centuries of combat experience and is very knowledgeable. A legendary vampire who has made an appearance in several entertainment mediums, it can be confidently said that his persona in Hellsing is perhaps the most powerful iteration of the lot. It can stop time!". Cinder Fall vs Azula. Even Boomstick knows that. Boomstick said, "Holy crap…is there anything that can stop this guy? I don't think I like the idea of fighting against someone like either of those two. Anyway, now awakened form an epic nap, Alucard began working to kill all the monsters that got in his way, and he did a damn good job, especially with two of the most badass hand-cannons of all time.". Everyone else imagined their attacks being enhanced by hamon. Joseph Joestar vs Edward Elric. ", Franky turned towards the cook and said, "Hey! ", Wiz said, "I'm glad you asked, Boomstick. It's time to end this debate. edited 3 days ago. They show a clip of Dio's head fighting Jonathan on a ship. Sanji asked, "Maybe it's a weakness of his, like sunlight. Wiz said, "Evil…it comes in many forms. Sanji and Lee are both brutal martial artists who were both looked down on in their lives, but have risen to be considered powerful. Character selection pose: Meliodas puts his hands behind his head while grinning. Dio laughed madly and said, "Do you feel it now, the sense of despair as the cold grip of death seizes you? At the front of hit was a man wearing black armor with a dark red cape. ", Wiz said, "So far, the only thing that has made Alucard flinch was a holy weapon or artifact, and those are pretty hard to come by. Alucard: I’d rather make you squeal like a pig. He respected the original Van Hellsing for his skill in taking him down. Apparently, this turned him into a vampire…somehow?". Assuming current versions of both, mismatch is favor of Naruto for both rounds, Naruto is far above Seven deadly sins. Wiz said, "Actually, he's not. Who is this man...and what is that mysterious box he is carrying? "Did you remember the song?" How they were raised or what they learned? Hellsing Alucard wins simply because he is impervious to all damage whatsoever, he has become a walking paradox who cannot be killed under any circumstances other than him losing all will of life and accepting himself as dead. on MyAnimeList, and join in the discussion on the largest online anime and manga database in the world! 37. This is the same method Abraham Van Hellsing used to imprison him all those years ago, staking him through the heart after killing all his familiars and servants. Sanji may have hated his dad, but he would prefer to just pretend his father didn't exist. ", Boomstick laughed and said, "And damn, did he go down in history. He is also incapable of reflecting attacks if the opponent doesn't allow him to read the timing/nature of their attacks. Dio growled as he leaned down and picked up his arm and pushed it up against his stub of a shoulder. Everyone turned towards the screen as the familiar music of Death Battle played. Seriously, does it ever work with Luffy or Zoro.". Both the contestants terrified them, and their abilities were way over the top. Dio growled as he slammed his hands into Alucard's body and proceeded to freeze him. speed is the only Advantage Dio has over Alucard, although Alucard was once able to catch a bullet that ran circles around a Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird, capable of Mach 3 and an altitude of 85,000 feet, meaning he has a reaction time of 3 microseconds. However, Alucard seems to only have this weakness when he is at restraint level zero, his strongest form. 2nd ability: Hellhound: Alucard transformed his right arm into a Hellhound. However, in the process Jonathan died, the ship sank, and Dio was stuck at the bottom of the ocean for a hundred years. ", Boomstick said, "This means that it's fast enough to break the sound barrier with its punches, precise enough to pluck bullets from midair, and strong enough to smash through the giant teeth of a sea monster that were supposedly as hard as diamond. If I feel like it.". Shortfilms. Boomstick then gained a thoughtful look and asked, "Wait…what exactly does Alucard have to play in this? Character selection pose: Meliodas puts his hands behind his head while grinning. Robin said, "I'll admit, it does seem strange. ", Brook snapped his finger bones and said, "Shoot.". ", He then turned and said, "Police girl, take him down would you. Plus, he gets to kill things daily, so at least he's entertained. Zoro felt a pang of jealousy, but squashed it. Wiz explained, "This energy can be harnessed by humans and can be used to destabilize Dio's body. The traveler answered, "The CIA is short for Central Intelligence Agency. With Cell and Alucard. ", "The ripple?" vs Living Madara, both eyes No Genjutsu Location: Tenrou Island Starting 400 feet apart In character Victory by killing opponent. Contents. In season three of the seven deadly sins we got power levels, and assuming that these can translate ROUGHLY to the DB universe then we can place meliodas roughly around the beginning of the namek saga. Me: You two keep Sirzechs peerage and Rias away from Valeria and mines battle. "That is one weird looking thing," Luffy said. By the end of the series, Alucard has only two lives/souls within him and in exchange for the vast number of lives he had and the ability to summon a vast quantity of souls as familiars for battle, he became pseudo-omnipresent with Schrodinger's powers. ", Robin sighed and said, "Sometimes all it takes is an act of kindness to make someone change for the better.". One of the most famous M.U.G.E.N characters, Alucard's Batman is an easy-to-use character with multiple attacks, though his damage output is a little conservative. "You asked me how many loaves of bread I've eaten in my life," Alucard said, as he stood in the darkness, his body now covered in a pure black suit, with a large crimson eye opened in his chest, "Why don't you count!?". Everyone laughed at the rubber man's words. Dio fired his Space Ripper Stingy Eyes, punching a hole in Alucard's throat and forehead. Boomstick said, "At least we don't have to worry about that here, because we are going to be putting two of the best vampires against each other in a bloody battle to the death. "Do you have it to the right spot?" Sanji's legs, or the leg he could currently use, tensed at the thought of someone killing their relative for power. Bruce Lee vs Jackie Chan. Dio and Alucard were matched in physical strength, both being capable of tearing through people with their bare hands, but Alucard has Dio beat in practically every other category. This was met with look as many realized that some fighters may be between people with completely different levels of power. Don't try to reason with insane people. Boomstick said, "And that's only him in his weakest state. Meliodas: Your glutton for power has destroyed you, Toguro. Almost empty. There were screams and loud bangs, indicating a powerful weapon was being fired. The door was then blown off, kicking up a huge load of smoke…as music began to play. ", Boomstick said, "Yeah. ", Wiz interrupted, "Boomstick, we don't know everything about vampires or how to become one as it changes from source to source, so just go with it. Everything about him was gone. Important Security Information. It looks more like bad makeup job. He then shot forward and sank his teeth into Dio's neck, causing the man to scream in pain. He would poison George Joestar and take control of the family fortune. Drink someone's blood?" Sanji yelled out. "Holy shit," Sanji said, "I don't think even Luffy would be able to shrug those off.". He slaughtered thousands of people. ", "Okay, now I know Luff wouldn't be able to survive that," Sanji asked, "but who the hell is Anderson? Aizen: You will never get it, foul creature. The music died down as the smoke cleared, revealing Alucard and a blonde woman in a uniform, that hugged her figure, an anti-tank rifle slung over her shoulder, and a music player in her. Playing next. I could use a drink right about now. In that time, Dio can move around freely, and he makes use of his enhanced strength with an apparently endless supply of throwing knives…or just to mock and straight up murder someone. All was seen was either clothes or body parts. ", Wiz continued, "However, Dio is not unstoppable. Do NOT use any executable you may find here or do it at your own risk, we can not guarantee the content uploaded by users is safe.Scan everything you download here with your favorite security software. This is a perfect description that suits him well, until it is revealed is he really immortal, or not. ", Isom said, "That mask had a big impact the show, not only in this part of the show, but on a later seasons. The bullet missed the target, but left an impressive hole in the wall. Alucard moved forward with both of his guns, but Dio acted first, moving backwards and firing his stingy eyes again, taking of Alucard's arms. Meliodas (Seven Deadly Sins) VS Sadao Maou (The Devil is a Part-Timer!) They have been given multiple forms…from suave charismatic gentlemen to people who view humans as cattle to mindless flesh hungry monsters…", Boomstick cut off, "And…unfortunately, sparkly skinned emo kids.". Pesado! Dio dodged another shot from the Jackal, which took a huge chunk out of the wall. VS Dai. It was in that moment, that Dio began to move forward with his evil…by slowly painfully poisoning his father.". Alucard has seals on him which restrains his power. ", Wiz said, "There is word in London, England, of the Nightwalker. Alucard's wound healed as well, but at a much faster rater. Alucard then walked out of the darkness, not a single scratch on him. "So, what can we expect out of this episode?" Vs Sasuke Uchiha. New; All Matches; About; Random; Tournaments. And they say skeletons don't have any brains…no pun intended. He'll tell you in a moment. This is one vampire you don't meet.". Dio laughed as Seras left and said, "Do you think you can defeat me? "See? The World's special ability can freeze time, but only for a couple of seconds. Dio was slightly surprised, realizing that these were some powerful guns. He then motioned for Boomstick to follow him. watch 02:43. Now on to the filler chapter. And, personally, I can't wait to see Judge's face when someone finally breaks that maniacs' jaw. Boomstick dropped the gun clutching his now injured hand, the recoil of the powerful gun hurting his hand. Demos: shockwave-crew@web.de. Dio then charged forward as Alucard, undeterred by the holes in his head and neck, continued to fire bullets form the Cassul, putting bullets wounds in Dio's shoulder and leg, Dio fought the pain and tacked the elder vampire, noting how man bullets were shot and that he should have run out of ammunition. He saw various humans all inside of the darkness roaring in anger and hatred as they glared at Dio with unmeasured hatred, and the will to rip him to pieces. Luffy nodded. Meliodas is a demon that has lived for thousands of years. His usual outfit is comprised of a charcoal suit, leather riding boots, and an intricately knotted red cravat, covered by a full-length, and re… xXx. Dio roared in anger as The World physically appeared, now missing its left arm, and with bullet holes in a few places. He showed a small amount of anger, as he continued to talk. I take it you have come here for revenge, no?". The author would like to thank you for your continued support. He's survive being buried alive in a burning building, and survived a hundred years at the bottom of the ocean in a coffin, withstanding a lot of pressure. 2016-11-12T01:37:13Z Comment by Kevin Maciel. ", Boomstick said, "He's even had a hamon infused sword split his head in half, and he just nonchalantly put his head back together, while taunting Jonathan. What kind of power did this man wield?". Alucard (Castlevania) vs Alucard (Hellsing) – complete. Luffy asked, confused. Was able to rip out The Monster of God's heart), City Block level with telekinesis (Via this calc) | Unknown (Due to his nature, his capacity to deal out damage is hard to judge), likely the same as before via a physical manifestation, Speed: Hypersonic+ with High Hypersonic reactions (Reacted to Rip Van Winkle's bullets), Higher in Level 1 (Kept up with The Monster of God) and 0 | Unknown, likely the same as before via a physical manifestation, Lifting Strength: At least Class 10 (Lifted a super fast fighter jet while in a shadow-composed state with half of his body), Higher in Level 1 and 0, Class M with telekinesis (Via this calc) | Unknown, likely the same as before via a physical manifestation, Striking Strength: Small Building Class, Higher in Level 1 and 0 | Unknown, likely the same as before via a physical manifestation, Durability: Small Building level, Higher in Level 1 and 0, Regeneration makes him extremely difficult to kill | Unknown, Non-Corporeality and Regeneration make him difficult to kill.