You will find gelcoat available as both a resin and in a thicker putty form called paste. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, Gelcoat repairs: How to make an invisible repair, How to make your own helmsman’s overmitten from old sailcloth, On the Thames, carry a VHF and keep a lookout behind, Choosing which side to fix lines and fenders, The essential summer cruise engine spares kit – no6. Featured Products. Our Gelcoat Color Match Guarantee. Gel Coat Search - Sort by Manufacturer, Year, and Basic Color Using the Drop Down FiltersHaving Trouble: Start with Color and work your way backwards Premium GELCOAT Scratch Chips Gel Coat Repair KIT Boat Parts. Small Gel Coat Repair Kit (Evercoat 108000),which contains 1 oz. It is also possible to use a spray wax coating over the gel coat instead, or some repairs can even be done by taping airtight film over the top. Complete kit for a custom color match. …so it can be sanded with 400-grit paper until flush with the rest of the gel coat. Gelcoat Choices. The adva . 1. Top Sellers. Repair kits comprised of a small amount of gelcoat paste and hardener, a selection of pigments, mixing sticks, and sealing film can be purchased for less than $20. Inhalt Gelcoat-Reparatur-Set "groß": 850 Gramm NautiPol UP 301 Topcoat nach (RAL) Farbton, 20 Gramm MEKP Härter, 1 Pipette zum Dosieren des Härters, Schleifpapier Körnung 120, 5 Paar Handschuhe, 4 Mischbecher 400 ml, 4 Rührstäbe, 2 Pinsel, 1 Rolle Abdeckband 30 mm, 1 Kunststoffspachtel, Anleitung. 0. Once cured, the repair should be standing slightly proud of the surrounding area…. Our Gelcoat repair kit includes everything you need to tackle any minor gelcoat repair. Gelcoat repair colour matching is a tricky business – and to do a professionally matched repair is complicated. Or not sure on color...then try our regular Color Match Kit which includes 17 pigments and an instruction booklet or our Deluxe Kit which includes 18 pigments and 4 different gel coats. Our Gelcoat repair kits includes everything you need to tackle any minor gelcoat repair. 1. The Evercoat Gelcoat Match & Patch Repair Kit permanently repairs nicks, gouges and scratches in fiberglass hulls and decks. Gelcoat repair kits come with 2 parts that you mix together right before applying it to the damaged area. For smaller repairs you should consider a gelcoat repair kit (available in 1oz and 4 oz kits) that include a gelcoat paste and the tints for custom matching. MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix (Oyster White) – All-In-One Fiberglass and Gelcoat Repair Kit : Fixes and Colors Fast This RED Gelcoat repair kit is a first of its kind. You can purchase this kit on our website: This video is about the Rayplex Ltd White Gelcoat Kit. $32.00 $ 32. 4.Using a bottle of grey pigment, which seems pretty close to our boat colour, we measure out no more than 10% by weight – or volume – using a graduated beaker. FIBERGLASS CLOTH 3.7 OZ X 50" PER YARD. Available in various color kits listed below. 4.6 out of 5 stars 289. Work the paste into the hole using a plastic applicator. Read how to make a perfect, invisible and professional repair in our article below: Everything you need to know to make an invisible gelcoat repair, from preparation and filling to topcoat and polishing, Get every issue of PBO on Android, iPhone, iPad or desktop, Peter Bourke's tip for a comfortable night's sail. 7. However, if your boat has a pigmented hull, it is possible to get a fairly close match using clear gel coat and a bottle of pigment. The first job in any gelcoat repair is to check the damage closely, both inside and out. With a Gelcote International repair kit, you can remove scratches and create a smooth, seamless surface. Add to Wishlist + Quick View. Your complete solution for color-matching gelcoat and making minor repairs. Fibre Glast offers premium polyester gel coat that can be perfectly matched every time. Available in various color kits listed below. Die Gelcoat Reparatur Sets sind auch mit transparentem Harz … Except for color matching, gelcoat repairs are easy and straightforward. 13. Copyright © 2020 Rayplex Ltd.      RAYPLEX is a registered Trade Mark All rights reserved. If you don’t have scales you can make a ‘guesstimate’ based on volume instead. To bulk out the gel coat and stop it running out of the gouge, you can add fine silica powder. Choose from over 900 colors! Shipping Chemicals and  Wide Fabric Make it impossible to Calculate Shipping Costs in Advance. Note that due to conditions beyond our control, the color match guarantee ends after two (2) years from the date the repair was completed. Sea Doo personal jet boats have a thin gelcoat surface color that’s particularly difficult to match, especially when looking for repair kits. 8. Can$ 51.95. Mix on a clear plastic wrap on top of the surface and match to the color of your boat. 2. 1. Repair material cures glass-hard in one hour. 6. MagicEzy Hairline Fix - One Part gelcoat Repair - Color Matched to Boat - Structural Grade Adhesion - Highly Flexible so Repairs Hold. BOSTON WHALER WHITE ASH LVOC 04-20. Sometimes a hard knock can cause delamination within the hull, in which case a more serious repair will need to be carried out first. Your trust is important so we only charge what it cost us. MagicEzy 9 Second Chip Fix is the same color wet or dry, which makes it easier to visually match colors. Color Match Kits. The Deluxe Colour Match Kit contains all of the colour match kit plus a few extras and an instruction booklet. Available in various colors and kits. Oshawa, Ontario, Canada L1J-1W8 Open to the Public: Mon - Thurs: 9 am. Rayplex Ltd. 341 Durham Crt. If you find it, we can match it! Add to Wishlist + Quick View. 1-16 of 500 results for "white gel coat repair kit" Price and other details may vary based on size and color TotalBoat Marine Gelcoat for Boat Building, Repair and Composite Coatings The pigment is thoroughly mixed in, and then wax-in- styrene is added to a ratio of 5%. And there's more for owners of sail or power: Engine mounts, bilge alarms, navigation lights and interpreting weather forecasts. The kit will pay for itself in your first 3-4 color matching jobs. WEST SYSTEM 105-K Fiberglass Boat Repair Kit. Purchase a wax gelcoat repair kit that matches the color of the damaged spot. Identifying the colour Unlike mixing paints, colour matching gelcoats with pigments can be tricky, but it is possible to get a close match. Color Matching Gel Coat 12. 5. Various charts and colors to make your color matching easy. Colour Matching Gelcoat with Pigments. You simply place the color chart on the gelcoat to be matched and add a few drops of pigment. 3. …and then placed onto some digital scales (these improve accuracy when mixing in a ratio of catalyst). Whether you select an RAL favorite, or choose one of 730 custom Instint ® colors, all of these gel coats feature high gloss, UV protection, and blister resistance with excellent adhesive properties. Wear a mask – the powder is carcinogenic. For larger amounts of gelcoat, we also have over 12 premixed colors of gel coat to choose from (available in quart and gallons). 11.Then sand lightly again with an 800-grit abrasive to restore the smooth surface. Step 1: Preparation and matching the colour. Readers and experts throughout every issue of PBO. Developed with the help of major Canoe Manufacturers, our Kevlar Repair Kit makes minor Kevlar repairs easy. Has everything like our 250ml Deluxe Kit but you get 1L of Gelcoat. $8.69 FIBERGLASS MAT 1.5 OZ X 38" PER YARD. A small amount of clear gel coat – more than enough to fill the repair – is decanted into a calibrated beaker…. When ready to proceed, just add catalyst at a ratio of 2% and mix together thoroughly. Watch the entire series here: Overview of the gelcoat color matching process. of polyester gel paste with liquid hardener, coloring agents, cleaning solvents, mixing cup and stick and Mylar film for smoothing the repair surface. Includes everything you need to make minor surface gelcoat repairs. Try to match the color as closely as possible or get a kit that has different pigments you can add while mixing to change the color. Rayplex offers a wide selection of color matching kits including the White-Gelcoat Repair Kit. For scratch repair you want paste. A special release film and no-run polyester gel makes a slick, no-sand finish quick and easy. … Many gelcoat repair prof essionals include a $50.00 fee for colormatching. Spectrum Color Catalog. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 8. Or not sure on color...then try our regular Color Match Kit which includes 17 pigments and an instruction booklet or our Deluxe Kit which includes 18 pigments and 4 different gel coats. These gel coats are also easy to use and easy to repair. 10. 95. For the very best results, use a polishing compound on the damaged area of the hull first, to remove oxidation and get to the true underlying colour. 00 ($3.20/Item) $35.99 $35.99. Our deluxe kit has everything our regular kit has plus a buffing kit. Color Charts . Fri 9am - 4pm EST  Contact us:  905-579-1433Copyright © 2020 Rayplex Ltd.      RAYPLEX is a registered Trade Mark All rights reserved. Gelcoat repair colour matching is a tricky business – and to do a professionally matched repair is complicated. The pigment is mixed into the gel coat before the catalyst is added, so can be compared against the hull nearest the damage. All Prices are in USD. 9. Pratley Quickset White Epoxy - Shiny White Finish . This month we get aboard three new outboard-powered day boats – inland and coastal – plus we deconstruct the calculations that define the limits of your sailing boat's performance. Finally, give the whole area a buff with a cutting compound/gel restorer to bring back the shine. Average rating: White-Gelcoat Repair Kit. No products in the cart. 4.2 out of 5 stars 84. 4.5 out of 5 stars 281. We guarantee the color of our gelcoat repair will be an extremely close match to the surrounding area. Colour Paste; Tub & Shower Repair Kits; Data Sheets; FAQ; Partners; Contact Us; Login ; Cart / $ 0.00 0. Click here for directions to our store. What makes it special is the use of gelcoat for color shading rather than pigments. BUY NOW. Custom color match Gelcoat, we require a minimum 1" x 1" sample.

All of our Gelcoat colors are made with NPG/ISO resin, and have added UV protection, making Gelcoats by Restex the perfect choice for boat gelcoat colors. Cart. However, if your boat has a pigmented hull, it is possible to get a fairly close match using clear gel coat and a bottle of pigment. Colour Matched Gelcoat. $8.95 $ 8. Chandlers will sell a range of small pots of colour designed to replicate the most popular (unfaded) shades. The Rayplex Colour Match Kit will enable you to make perfect gelcoat colour matches. Specialized Tools & Sundries Urethane Foam $ 35.20 – $ 61.20. $153.83 Learn More. to 5 pm. BUY NOW. A basic colour match may not be perfect – but in most cases it’ll do the job and is much easier to use than professional repair products. GELCOAT COLOR MATCHING KIT. As with the previous repair, the damage is tidied with a blade, cleaned with acetone, and the area around it masked off. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Repair Kits; Resins & Epoxies; Safety Equipment; Sanders & Tools; SoftSand Rubber Particles; Styrene; Surface Seal; Tapes, Tools, & Brushes; Webbing Solution; Guide Coat ; Gel Coat Search. This kit is specifically designed for matching gelcoat colors and achieves perfect color matches and professional looking gelcoat repair jobs. If a more precise match is required, you can mix two colors together to form a new color. Pigments. Estimate the closest shade of your boat color from our color chart. White-Gelcoat Repair Kit. Only Sold in the USA & Canada. Most gelcoat colours have a code commonly known as a RAL or BS number. This means that the repair area will be very difficult to see when viewed at about a 6' distance. West Marine's Chuck Hawley shows you how to do minor gelcoat repairs to your small boat in this series of videos. FREE Shipping. A small syringe will be useful here.NOTE: The wax rises to the surface of the gel coat, excluding air (necessary to allow the gel coat to cure properly underneath). No products in the cart. While not as perfect as a professional colour-matched repair, this scratch will be still be hard to detect from a distance. Gelcoat is commonly used to repair chipped paint on boats, and can also be used in lieu of paint when choosing a new color. There are two gel coat repair kits available from ITW Evercoat: Match n Patch Kit (Evercoat 100668),which contains 4 oz. Blend coloring agents to achieve a match to almost any color.
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