Researchers have reported that tacit knowledge includes lessons learned, know-how, judgments, rule of thumb, intuition [20] , individual experience, skills, beliefs, values, and creative processes [14] . Collaboration technology provides required tools and applications to enhance collaboration in the workplace [83] . "Knowledge Management is the process of capturing, distributing, and effectively using knowledge." Sub-Processes Table 10. Our federal client integrated SharePoint as its information repository and content management platform to enhance the use of mission-critical training content by its employees. They further contend that managers and executives should place close attention to the management of knowledge [7] - [11] . The fourth limitation is the use of judgment sampling, which is may not representative of the population, and this will affect the generalizability of the findings. In order to improve organizational performance and create value, organizations should manage both tacit and explicit knowledge since they are mutually dependent on one another and reinforce each others’ qualities [14] . Figure : Mystique’s Product [30] argued that resource-based capability consisting of technology, structure, and culture, in addition to knowledge-based capability, including expertise, learning and information, are needed for organizations to effectively and efficiently manage knowledge. H2: There is a statistically significant impact of organizational structure on job satisfaction. It involves the capture, consolidation, dissemination and reuse of knowledge within an organisation (Kazi et al. Regardless of the industry, size, or knowledge needs of your organization, you always need people to lead, sponsor, and support knowledge sharing. Such factors include variety, skill utilization, and autonomy. 7. Demographic factors relate to individual attributes and characteristics such as: gender, age, job-level, and work experience. You’ve probably heard the phrase, “people, process, and technology.” Since at least the early … Knowledge management can be defined as a formal, directed process of determining which information would benefit the company better, compared to others, and finding ways to make information readily available to those that need it [16] . Therefore, it has been recommended that managing knowledge should be at the basis of an organization’s capability development effort, which ultimately leads to better business performance and creating value for the company’s various stakeholders [6] . • Knowledge Transfer in the E-World Researchers from various disciplines such as sociology, economics, and management sciences have agreed that knowledge has stolen the spotlight away from traditional resources. Knowledge Management Knowledge is a valuable thing – something we hear all of the time. Process theories include Vroom’s expectancy theory, Adam’s equity theory, behavior modification, and cognitive evaluation theory [56] [57] . Other tools are thus required, like social media, content repositories, and dynamic websites [48] . Relate the concepts of knowledge management to organizational learning.2. The researchers found that information and communication technology can support knowledge management processes, which in turn promote flow of knowledge into the organization, which assist organizations realize their innovation potential. [31] identified organizational structure as the formal rules and authorities that exist within an organization. 10 marks are deducted for every 24 hours (or part thereof) that the submission is late for a total of 5 days. 3. Knowledge Management is the explicit and systematic management of vital knowledge – and its associated processes of creation, organization, diffusion, use and exploitation. 3.1 Introduction Vision – To make consistent design improvements based on the emerging trends that will enhance customer satisfaction.
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