Communities In Schools ® (CIS ™) 2345 Crystal Drive, Suite 700 Arlington, VA 22202 Tel: 800 CIS 4KIDS (800-247-4543) E-mail: The first half of the Creating effective school–community partnerships takes time, commitment, willingness, and trust. Begin discussions at the local school level and involve key publics in on-going budget discussions. Your school cannot afford to turn out students who have not learned the lessons of tolerance. Focus on two-way, face-to-face com-munication. Through school-community partnerships, facilitate families’ access to community-based programs (e.g., health care and human services) to ensure that families have resources to be involved in their children’s education. This guide is designed as a tool to help members of the education sector involve community members in discussions about their local schools and learn how to become involved in the process of improving education in their community. Because of the importance of parent engagement, the National Network of Partnership Schools (NNPS) has recognized over 600 schools since 1998 for their programs and practices that encourage community and family involvement resulting in students’ increased success in school. Encouraging non-profit community groups to use the facilities is not only good use of resources but also provides opportunities for the school to get involved in community projects. Here, we’ve explored some helpful and actionable ways on how to foster a sense of community in your school. • Involve students in supporting the school community, including fundraising, and ensure that their contribution can make a real impact. ..... 50 The second research question in task one was on whether on not there was any the ABSTRACT. meaningful ways to INVOLVE parents and community members in school improvement and support for student achievement . If you want to work on this on a smaller scale, you can also start a group at your school if it doesn’t already exist. Turnaround initiatives in Boston and Los Angeles set up classes to help parents develop skills to better support their children academically . Connect students and families to community resources that strengthen and support students’ learning and well-being. 5) School in community. Get involved in neighborhood protection – If your residential area has been a frequent location for theft or harassment, start a violence protection group or join a neighborhood watch in the community. Develop a timeline of the budget process and inform all key publics (parents, school staff, community members) about the timeline. School involvement is a great way to build relationships with teachers and staff, meet other families in the neighborhood, and help the school community grow to meet the needs of the students. Understanding diversity begins the process of living in harmony with others. Building two-way partnerships between the school and the wider community, including local organizations and business, and making the most of the ‘outdoor’ or ‘community’ classroom Create opportunities to be involved and give back. Encourage Community Use of School Facilities: Often the school buildings sit empty after the end of the normal school day. The direct involvement of school counselors with students and their families, not only for school activities but for neighborhood events, builds trust and enforces stronger bonds for a continuous home–school connection. We live in a multicultural, pluralistic , global community. Solving; *School Community Relationship IDENTIFIERS *Study Circles. However, the pay-off is promising. School counselors are in the unique position to affect change within their buildings, school districts and community. In Chicago, community partnerships that began as outreach to secure How to foster a sense of community: Helpful ideas for Aussie schools 1. 4.2 Involvement of Communities in school Development Planning..... 43 4.2.1 Involvement of communities in identifying school needs..... 44 4.2.2 Involvement of communities in setting school objectives. Open forums and infor- site for ideas on creating your Net-work.)
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