What will it eat when it eats all the algae? lol Someone said cerith snails, but my lfs does not have any . My LMB is losing weight. N. nluchau Guest. If you have hair algae the last thing you need is more bioload. Should i try a different nori. I removed 60# of rock when I set the tank up and have other algae eaters so maybe there isnt enough of the micro he likes? It was a hitchiker on LR. While the lawnmower blenny (Salarias fasciatus) may be employed to help control pestilent algae, other members of the family will also fit this role. I have heard they do and dont. The peaceful Salarias fasciatus is a favorite among marine aquarists for its appetite for algae. Lawnmower blennies are big, dirty fish that are only going to add to your bioload. My Blenny isnt eating, eventho he is starving. He isnt emaciated but is thinning out from when I first started the tank a month ago. 3-Sailfin/Lawnmower/Algae Blenny (Salarias fasciatus) One of my personal favorite fish is the Sailfin/Algae/Lawnmower Blenny. Table of contents: Lawnmower blenny care You can use the following links to jump right to the section that interests you, or keep going, to read the full article. But is sunken in. Lawnmower blenny, a notable marine aquarium species, gets its name because of its trait of consuming or mowing down algae growing at the bottom of the rocks or glasses in the aquarium. I am trying feeding him roasted seaweed. Ive had my lawnmower blenny for maybe 9months. Thanks . Lawnmower Blenny Care & Info. You need to … It used to have a fat belly from just the algae in the tank but no longer seems go have a fat belly. Will a lawnmower blenny eat hair algae. I see some algae on some rocks but others are totally clean. The Lawnmower Blenny (Salarias fasciatus), also known as the Jewelled Blenny or Rock Skipper, is a saltwater utility fish that is used as part of a clean up crew to keep hair algae at a minimum. What have people here experienced. Sometimes, but you have hair algae a lawnmower blenny is not the answer to your problem. Diatoms and lawnmower Blenny - Just a dumb questions, but I know the lawnmowers like to eat hair algae..do they or anything else go for "brown algae" or Diatoms and lawnmower Blenny - The Reef Tank Sponsor Our Community Problem is that I dont have any natura growth of algae to support his hunger and I cant get him to eat algae sinking pallets. Lawnmower blenny. Also if you gotta a pic of one show it off here I would like to see it. Photo by Scott W. Michael. Find Big discount for Fish and Aquatic products here The Lawnmower Blenny, Salarias fasciatus, is a peaceful community saltwater fish with a great personality and truly earns the name lawnmower, by mowing down microalgae in your tank. Just looked it up on Google Images and I have one small one, but it doesn't go to the red algae. There are also few fish that will give your fish tank the mani/pedi that this guy will. thirdchaos Member. But he doesnt seem to be eating it. Weird . Jul 26, 2005 #2 So nobody has a lawnmower blenny? How can I get him to eat and what can I try to support his appetite ? Would it leave enough algae for the queen conches? Hi everyone, I got a little dilemma. Also known as the lawnmower blenny, it doesn’t exclusively eat algae, but it certainly consumes enough to be quite helpful! What these fish don’t have in looks, they make up for in character! In our opinion, using the Lawnmower Blenny as a means of controlling algae should only be considered as a short-term fix to a bigger issue. Will a lawnmower blenny eat red slime algae?
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