Buxus sempervirens (Box) RHT 1m trough (20) Add to wishlist. It has a universal appeal for border edging in large formal gardens, as well as in the smallest town garden as topiary and other shapes. Our instant hedges are specially grown and matured in a way that allows their complete root structure to be lifted and transported to site without harm. Our instant hedge is a high-quality product with no equals when it comes to buying time! For orders more than 112+ please contact us, For orders more than 11+ please contact us. Where instant hedging is supplied in cardboard troughs (we are moving over to this system where possible on environmental grounds) – you can simply plant the whole thing including the cardboard setting them at 1 metre centres (some trough sizes will have a small gap in between the root balls but the above ground growth will always meet together) making sure to plant with the compost level and … Native hedging troughs have a mix of plants ideal for wildlife and suit almost any situation be it … Instant Hedging Trough. Blue Spruce "Picea Pungens Glauca" - Pot Grown Christmas Tree £ 19.00 – £ 27.00. Hornbeam (Carpinua betulus) instant hedging 60cm tall in 50cm long trough £63.71 each for 1-9 plants £50.97 each for 10-99 plants £44.60 each for 100+ plants Prices include UK delivery within 1-4 working days and VAT. Box is tolerant of shade, as well as thin chalky soils and will in fact grow in most soil types unless they are very wet or exposed to cold winds. Buxus sempervirens is a dense, slow growing evergreen shrub. Buxus or the box plant as its commonly known as is perfect for low hedging and formal planting for garden paths. Box is used as the framework for formal designs and of the plants used for this only the English Yew can match Box for its versatility. Box (Buxus sempervirens) instant hedge is an evergreen hedge that is best known for being suitable for clipping up to a formal low hedge for parterres or Knot gardens. The hedging units quickly knit together, blending seamlessly in a very short period of time, giving the impression that the hedge has been in situ for years. The simple way to create an instant hedge. We offer prepared and pre-clipped instant hedging and cubes to create your perfect hedge. It has the advantage of being very slow growing and tolerant of shaded areas. Each instant hedging unit is grown in a trough of either 50cm or 1m in length and is easily transferred from the trough or bag straight into the ground. It is very slow in its growth and this makes it very manageable and suitable for forming dense hedges as well as being able to be trimmed into smart geometric shapes. 1.8/2m high Practical Instant Yew Hedge in the nursery here in Iver. Hedges. Instant Hedging Instant Hedging Plants. Troughs. Vitax Q4 Multi Purpose Compost 56 Litres. Box was given an Award of Garden Merit by the Royal Horticultural Society in 1984. Instant Hedging – Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam) – Trough Instant hedging troughs. They are specially designed to stay in the pot, making your life very easy. This plastic floral hedge planter is a perfect garden divider or window privacy covering to create a beautiful botanical look. It has small, rounded-to-oblong, glossy, dark-green leaves that are evergreen. Bio: Common Box is a vigorous, bushy, upright shrub or small tree. It is an evergreen shrub that produces a luxuriant mass of small dark green leaves. Prunus lusitanica - Portuguese Laurel 20 Litre 150 - 175 cm. Where the instant hedging is supplied in a plastic trough, this should be removed before planting sitting the hedge in the trench backfilling with well-prepared soil firming gently but firmly to remove air pockets while holding the top of the plants to keep them straight. Box variety selector Instant hedging in troughs. Trimmed to shape already approximately 40-50cm in height and 20cm deep. Box (Buxus sempervirens) instant hedging, is the classic hedge plant for use in Knot Gardens, Parterres and Potager gardens. Instant Trough Grown Hedging Always a popular choice at Impact Plants, Instant Trough Grown Hedging is essential for those who want results quickly. Our Instant Hedge Unit are available in larger sizes than the standard troughs and provide a more mature screen. This Item: Box Hedging Instant Hedge Trough 60cm Tall (Inc Planter) & 60cm Long. 2 year old trough hedge. Known also as Box, Boxwood & Common Box, Buxus sempervirens was originally used as a surround for medieval herbs plots and formed the basic pattern for the Elizabethan knot garden. Ideal for making partitions on patios or pavements. Once your instant hedging arrives, lift it out from the trough or bag and into your planting hole, and backfill and water as usual.You can find more information on planting instant hedges here . Supplied in large 1m long troughs to give an instant hedge and can be planted any time during the year. Instant Planted Partitioning. This plastic hedging planter is a perfect garden divider or window privacy covering to create a beautiful botanical look. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These are all available to purchase in trough, hedge bag or hedge element transfer options, providing the best transport option suited to the plants varying sizes and stages of development. Description. Our instant hedge troughs are 1m in length and require two strong people to lift. It creates a maintenance-free hedge for your garden and window display. Hedging deliveries are managed and undertaken by our preferred pallet delivery network. Trade customers Call 01296 399585 Add to basket. The prices are per plant, including UK delivery and VAT. Common Box (Buxus sempervirens) Common Box (Buxus sempervirens) Trough Hedge or Boxwood is a British native plant providing an instant hedge for your landscaping project. It has the advantage of being very slow growing and tolerant of shaded areas. INSTANT HEDGING & Topiary Cubes. Instant Hedging Troughs. Weight. Length. Our prices include UK delivery on a working day and VAT, This site is part of Boxtrees Nursery Ltd, Reydon Grange, Mardle Road, Wangford, Beccles NR34 8AU. We have a quantity of very nice quality buxus sempervirens instant hedging plants 45 to 50cm tall by 30 by 30cm wide available at a discounted price. Our Instant Hedge trough range is becoming increasingly popular for both commercial and domestic projects because of its simplicity and instant results. Ideal for low ornamental borders and is relatively low maintenance.Available as bare root plants, individual pots ready for hedging, instant hedging troughs, or as shaped topiary.
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