These fans look absolutely gorgeous when paired up with a glass or transparent case, especially when the lights are turned off or dimmed at night. $8.49$8.49. This 140mm PWM quiet fan can be used as a PC case fan or on heatsinks and liquid cooling radiators. The best 140mm. We can also highlight the upgraded fan frame that adopts funnel-shaped inlets, making sure that the blades can handle considerable pressure, while the seven blades between these inlets ensure optimized airflow. This 140mm case fan comes with nine dual-layer blades that are lined with ridges to provide strong airflow while reducing turbulence from the fans. They’re not leaf blowers and they’re not dead silent. Dual RGB light rings (18 independent RGB LEDs in every fan), shock-absorbing pads on all 4 corners, mounting screws included, This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors. is the case fan that fits pretty serious systems as well as average machines. Last but not least, driving the product's value forward is the fluid-dynamic bearing, stretching the fan's lifespan at least 300,000 hours, while most case fans that come equipped with hydraulic bearings will not even reach 200,000. To give you the gist, the Antec Prizm Series 140mm RGB Case Fan matches looks with performance, meaning that, as long as you're okay with occasional rattling, this fan should not leave you wanting more. The HF14s come with 4 pin connectors and PWM support. The LL140 case fans aren’t just for show, though. The reason they're able to produce as many revolutions is the custom rotor design juggling high static pressure and high airflow with excellent efficiency. If you’re set on getting a 140mm RGB case fan, the Corsair LL140 is your best bet. Stylistically, the SP140’s colors are a bit darker compared to the LL140’s and there is no outer ring, so it’ll mostly depend on which colorway you prefer. If you don't mind the extra expense, you … As you can imagine, these two numbers alone separate the product from its peers but, besides its practically inaudible yet performant operation, there's also the 6-pole fan motor, reducing vibrations and decreasing power consumption. The indicator will show … With computer processors and graphics cards becoming ever stronger and more power hungry, it’s important to keep your PC cool to prevent it from overheating. It complies well with the AAO … Fan placement could be an entire article itself, and there are various trains of thought about optimal placement. Still, aesthetics sell this product as much as its adequate performance, so you cannot overlook the 16 independent RGB LEDs inside the fans, with the lights split between two separate light loops enabling practically endless customization. The best 140mm radiator cooling fan is one that provides you with all the right features, without causing problems. Even if you have the best computer case, if you don’t have some way of dissipating the heat inside, your system performance will eventually decline and parts may even get damaged. Silent Wings 3 (BL071) Noctua (NF-A14) Corsair (CO-9050044-WW) Antec Prizm Series At low speeds these fans are virtually inaudible.     Manufacturer. They pack a decent amount of performance with 600-1,300 RPM and 51.5 CFM at just 25 decibels, which is more than enough to cool your system down. Noctua is probably the most popular brand out there when it comes to case fans, and if we had to recommend one pick this would be it. While this one caps at 1,500 RPM, a little less than the preceding model, the fan also prevents the noise levels from going above 24.6 decibels, meaning that this is the quietest case fan listed here. On that note, let's discuss the Corsair ML140. On the whole, the Corsair CO-9050044-WW ML140 140mm Case Fan is one of the best 140mm case fan options for operating flawlessly in the most challenging environment. More info. Best Buy customers often prefer the following products when searching for 140mm Case Fans. If you really want to get technical, you can also try to control your fan curve to optimal settings. Cooling a computer case is no simple task, and when you ask your fan to revolve 1,000 to 2,000 or more times per minute, it can get noisy. Even if you already have a CPU cooler, you’ll still want anywhere from 2-5 PC fans in your case. makes sure that the noise levels are peaking at 28 decibels while the rotation speed reaches 1600 RPM, offering an excellent noise-performance ratio that can support high-end machines without making them rattle. The biggest con is their price. The magnetic levitation harness doubles the fans' lifespan. Another excellent RGB 140mm case fan is the Corsair iCUE SP140. The installation part is not necessarily easy. is focused on producing the best case fans while optimizing for noise. After days of using, testing, and reviewing, our final verdict for the best 140mm radiator fan is Phanteks PH-F140MP. You are sure of sufficient air getting to the radiator and perfect cooling is guaranteed. In fact, Company/product listings on this page DO NOT imply endorsement by the site operator. The Antec Prizm Series 140mm RGB Case Fan does quite alright matching aesthetics with performance. We have no complaints regarding the dual RGB light rings with 18 independent RGB LEDs though, not one. It offers the Noctua standard for … The Results chart will show performance at 12 and 7 volts. Just like 120 mm models, 140 mm fans are normally adopting. Higher speed... Air flow - 118.2 CFM. The BioniX P140 is optimized for static pressure, directing a more focused airstream towards a smaller area compared to standard case fans. Setting complicated installation aside, the Silent Wings 3 from Be Quiet! If you’re looking for RGB lighting, though, you’ll have to find another option. The dual RGB light rings include 18 independent RGB LEDs. Aerocool Shark 14 (Model #: A1425H12) First up is the Aerocool Shark 14, a 15-bladed fan with a hydro-dynamic bearing. Best 140mm Case Fans to Keep Things Cool Noctua NF-A14. Starting off the list of best 140mm case fans is the Noctua NF-A14. I'd recommend the BQ Silent Wings 3, I think they are the best premium 140mm fan … Either create a positive or negative air pressure environment within your case. Standard PC case fans measure 120 millimeters. The Cougar CFD14HBR is an attractive mono-colored LED case fan that comes in red, green, blue, and white. These fans have a similar airflow to noise curve as the LL140s but come at a slightly cheaper price. The short primary cable, measuring 8 inches (20 centimeters), lets you connect the fan without cluttering up the case. Some might find the beige finish a little offputting. Do note that this can be a little bit pricey, but considering how it performs, it’ll be worth it. More often than not, they are armed with anti-vibration pads that absorb shock and minimize the transmission of vibrations. Best 140mm PC Fan. Fan speed is how fast your fan rotates, measured in revolutions per minute (RPM). Nevertheless, there's an annoying rattling noise sometimes following the fan that even the shock-absorbing pads can do nothing about. It pushes an outstanding 85.19 cubic feet per minute of airflow, all while doing so at just a top end of 19.0 decibels. The fluid-dynamic bearing ensures that the fan lasts no less than 300,000 hours, while the rubberized frame handles increased pressure. The issue here is that, unlike 140mm case fans, 120mm models are offering improved airflow (sometimes as high as 100 CFM), decreasing RPM without reducing the fan's cooling capacity. Some of the best mid-tower cases allow up to five 140mm fans but you should check the specs of your particular PC case to figure out what you need. This variant can also push in more air even at low RPM due to its larger size. The Corsair LL Series LL140 packs the most customizable 140mm case fans. Generally speaking, you want your case fans in front to suck air in while the rear and top fans blow hot air out. But people with high-end systems cannot go wrong securing the system with the Corsair ML140. I used this particular fan on its 7 volt adapter for years as an intak… You also don’t want to have the same number of intake and exhaust fans, as that will negate a lot of airflow. In this article we’ll be going over the best 140mm fans. With these fans, you don't have to worry about premium hardware feeling uncomfortable inside your case. Certain models come equipped with RGB LEDs, so you can lit up the case like a Christmas tree, though that usually means that the power consumption will also increase, so we would recommend turning these LEDs off at least sometimes. Advanced high-quality IC motor controller, 6-pole fan motor with three phases, mounting screws included. This product is ideal for those who have a computer that requires high efficiency. So often what it comes down to is picking one that meets your build quality, looks criteria, and has a reasonable noise profile. Composed by MOSS and SSC systems, Phanteks' UFB bearings have an effective hub-tip ratio... PH-F140XP's PWM functions allow users to adjust speed from 600 - 1200 RPM. Virtually inaudible operation at max. Their products all had a khaki-brown color that stuck out like a sore thumb in anyone’s computer case. The lights are super bright and the transition between colors is smooth. To add more, shipped with an 11.8-inch extension cable, the fan offers extensive cabling options, accommodating large radiators, cabinet ventilation, and more. 5.51" x 5.51" x 0.98" (140 x 140 x 25 mm), 2 RGB light loops (16 independent RGB LEDs in every fan), mounting screws included. An example of them is industrial applications. Plus, the company's iCUE software makes RGB customization more accessible than most fans'. The square-shaped quiet 140mm fan is the best … Compare this with other fans, that generally always make some kind of mild hum or high frequency buzz. These fans are typically quieter and push more air than the 120mm fans, making them a great choice if your case has room. The name speaks for itself! You’re paying a premium for the RGB LED technology, so make sure you’re set on RGB fans before dropping a pretty penny. CORSAIR - ML Series PRO 140mm Cooling Fan Kit with RGB Lighting - White/Blue/Yellow/Red/Green/Orange/Violet The F-series provides 140mm fans at a budget price with PWM and no LEDs. The shock-absorbing pads on all 4 corners that the fan adopts work, we're not saying otherwise. The Corsair LL Series LL140 is as much about putting on a show as the company's products usually are. The custom rotor balances increased static pressure with increased airflow. All in all, you can’t go wrong with this Phanteks case fan for all your cooling needs. Noctua NF-A14 iPPC-3000 PWM, Heavy Duty... Corsair LL Series LL140 RGB 140mm Dual... Corsair ML140 PRO 140mm Premium Magnetic... Phanteks 140mm Case/Radiator Cooling Fan... Fractal Design Venturi HF-14 Black Case... ARCTIC F14 PWM PST Value Pack - 140 mm... Best White Gaming Mechanical Keyboards to Buy in 2020, 10 Best Computer Cases for Gaming in 2020. There's an annoying rattling noise sometimes following the fan. … On the other hand, the noise levels reach 32 decibels, making the fan audible, albeit only a little. Some users might find the company's signature beige finish a touch offputting but, considering how capable and quiet this fan is, we would not recommend overlooking the Noctua NF-A14 just because you're not crazy about its appearance. Best 140mm Case Fans Corsair (CO-9050073-WW) be quiet! We considered all factors to come up with what we believe to be the best all-round solution according to the important criteria, and a wide variety of needs. Look for a fan with PWM (pulse-width modulation) so that you can easily control the fan speed. The Alphacool L12 140mm fan is a no-nonsense PWM controlled fan that does everything you need a case fan to do. ­ All Rights Reserved, Review & Comparison, Last Update August 13, 2020, 140mm case fans are a little less compact than standard 120mm models but they're also more effective and efficient. The faster your fan spins, the more air it can potentially push to decrease your case’s temperature. The Phanteks PH-F140 also comes with various adapters, including a 4 to 3 pin, voltage reducer if you want to keep RPMs low, and a molex power adapter. Noctua is probably the most popular... Corsair LL140. Get it as soon as Thu, Oct 1. Having a couple of these in your case will all but guarantee to cool down your system by at least several Celsius. You will want a static-pressure-optimized fan to use in the front since you will be pulling air through a mesh. You may think that your standard pump or blower fan is sufficient, but there are a number … Airflow and static pressure figures for this fan stand at 59.5 CFM and 1.08 mm H2O respectively. In fact, pound for pound this is probably up there with the very best 140mm fan on offer, but … Award-winning 140x25mm A-series fan with Flow Acceleration Channels and Advanced Acoustic... 16 independent RGB LEDs in every fan, split between two separate light loops.. Air flow -... Software control and customize RGB lighting effects with the included Corsair lighting. Just note these fans are 29mm thick instead of the usual 25mm, so make sure you have enough space in your case to accommodate these. ARCTIC F14 Silent - 140 mm Case Fan, Ultra-Quiet, Extra Quiet Motor, Computer, Almost inaudible, Fan Speed: 800 RPM - Black/White. Most PC case fans these days are actually quite similar and track a similar airflow-to-noise curve. … Larger computer case fans typically push out more air flow with lower noise levels, which is why 140mm fans are quite popular nowadays as they are a good combination of performance, size, and price. The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. Splitting the 16 independent RGB LEDs between 2 separate loops, these fans enable almost endless visual effects customization. The Silent Wings 3 from Be Quiet! The default case fan size is 120mm but I, like a lot of other gamers, video editors, and 3D animators, prefer 140mm … Wrapping an already impressive package are the extensive cabling options that the fan's offering with a supplied 11.8-inch extension cable. In terms of metrics to consider when buying a computer case fan, there are several considerations you should look out for. But if you’re looking for the best 140mm fan that pushes a lot of air with minimal noise, you simply can’t go wrong with Noctua. But for the price you’re paying at $35 for a pack of 5 fans, they are more than enough to get the job done.
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